Thursday, May 11, 2017

May Gateways: Embodiment Of The Highest Light

Blessings Beloved Light Tribe ~
Our initial May Gateway passage brings the strongest unification of Gaia grid systems, Ascending HUman Heart Grid, Crystalline Grids, Solar Gateways and Cosmic Stargates yet. The cosmic combination lock clicked into place this week and opened inter-dimensional doorways of purer, higher light. Again. The expansion is palpable to most, as well as the Gateways to the Primary Christed timelines.

Gateways traverse time-space dynamics. They provide opportunities for jumping timelines, or aligning with the highest possible outcome for your journey. Alignment with the highest organic timeline is a vital step to the un-foldments of 2017.

The primary focus for this year is Embodiment of the Higher Self, or Solar Cosmic Christed Self (whichever term or level you choose), in order to become pure conduits of these unique and powerful frequencies. With Higher Self embodiment, you become a pathway for Divinity to unlock encodements in the grids, including the HUman Heart Grid. Embodiment of the Solar Self can unlock intergalactic and inter-dimensional Stargates to assist the Ascension.

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Lifting sensations though the heart, creative inspiration, and a sense of celebration is felt as Embodiment prepares us for the next level. These override the lower self/old template memory, if we choose to Wayshow and step fully into Embodiment.
The timeline shift of the Equinox removed tertiary options for the collective experience on Gaia, through a quantum effect of extremely high vibrational pure light. With several synthetic timelines dropping, the organic experience of Ascension arises as a Divine choice. After some adjustment and integration time, we now focus on this massive cosmic gear-shifting.

Gatekeeper Disclosure
In a recent council meeting, I was shown how the last 16 years of Gridwork and Gatekeeping relate to the Solar eclipse in August. The eclipse map of the path across the USA was laid out, and several points of focus and their function were revealed. I wept afterward, there is such Divine perfection in the design of our Ascension. Gatekeepers and Gridworkers, this is a passage which yields great rewards. We are handed a great opportunity, and our unified focus is required.

Kindwhile our May passage is underway, which flows through next week’s May 19-21 Gateway. Daily Gridwork, Gatework, meditation, purification, visualization and creative action in the Now will greatly assist the personal and collective experience. Go where you are guided. Drop any unnecessary entanglements. The High-Vibe Tribe re-stabilized at a much higher level, and we are ready for another Primary timeline amplification. Remember this is not something you wait for, this is a co-creation. The Higher Realms are utilizing pure conduits; participation is key.

My Five-Year Anniversary in Mount Shasta
To celebrate my five years of service in Mount Shasta next week, I AM releasing two videos. The first is about my most powerful and wild experiences here, just for fun. I also have gratitude gifts for my Newsletter subscribers, and some new creations to announce.

The second video discusses the upcoming Solar Eclipse, its purpose, the Gateways leading up to it, and the Gateways after. Perhaps you will find some synchronicities in your own Gridwork; it is beautiful to see how this all fits together.

Embodiment of the Highest Light
An Ascension process must be built on the foundation of Unconditional Love and Divine Service or the structure will fall apart at some point on the path. The Embodiment phase demonstrates this clearly; we reclaim our spiritual inheritance and gain the cosmic perspective of Love, Faith and Dedication.
Embodiment feels Avatar-like as the Higher Self steps forth through the body vehicle and Lower Self consciousness. When we surrender to this Divine Presence of Self, it rewrites our consciousness into sacred geometric patterns. It changes the way we feel, think, act and create.
Much newness occurs as we accept Embodiment, however there are some consistent, palpable, very real qualities of the Embodiment level of Ascension (not symptoms) which I observe in my personal experience. 

A Few Examples of the Presence:
  • Alignment with the organic Primary timelines of Ascension. The New Temple of the Divine Self welcomes a refreshing new way of Being. Consistent pull and expansion of the higher light.
  • Deep understanding of the journey as a reflection of the Higher Realms.
  • Seeing the beauty in everything as an authentic endeavor. The experience of Krishna, Christed or I AM state of consciousness. Merging with all that is; the immortal feeling state of Divine Love. The I AM messages express this Creator state of consciousness, speaking as Source to itself, experiencing and witnessing itself at once.
  • Honoring all individual expressions of Source as fractals of the One. Namaste, all days and all ways.
  • Considering Source, Higher Levels and collective highest interests first, and the Lower Self interests second.
  • Heart-brain is louder than mind-brain. The Higher Self is the dominant presence. Feeling and
    listening to the heart, rather than the mind or emotional levels. This affects our communication, thoughts, activities, DNA recalibration, higher skill activation, creative expressions .. everything.
  • Becoming a Pure conduit: Love-Light and intentions flow through the Ascension column, from the Higher levels – consistently.
  • Unwavering Mastery skills: Forgiveness, Gratitude, Divine Neutrality, Surrender, Unconditional Love, Faith, Devotion, Patience, Non-judgment, Healing, Harmony and Divine Service become inexhaustible and self-evident.

This list is growing; these are consistent experiences not a list of promised skills. As the New Templates activate on the collective level, we expand together. Possibilities are held within our New Self templates and coincide with the higher timelines, however they are not activated until Wayshowers anchor the experience. The higher we all resonate, the higher we go as a collective. We are expanding the bandwidth for our experiences here, to 5D and beyond. Let us show HUmanity what is possible with Ascension, right Now.

Everyone in Service, Stay Sharp
This unique energy shift in May is not something to wait for, it is here and applicable. We have a massive code exchange going on, bombarding us with much higher level light and light intelligence. Engage with your Higher Self and Teams to determine your area of focus and expertise. Much is synchronized this year: Frequencies are blasting control systems, ancient structures – seen and unseen – are activating, Gaia’s crystalline core is expanding, our Solar system is nearing an area of very intense photonic light, and Solaris is aligning with cosmic Stargates to assist with the un-foldments. Plenty of projects to play with in the Now.

Gatework and Gridwork is consistent; we continue to utilize the crystal beds and aquifers to surge the new light. Plant your crystals and crystal grids for the highest reception and amplification. As always, clear and encode them for activation of Christ consciousness; the crystal beings know what that is. Water ceremony, kingdom and elemental empowerment, and HUman Heart grid unification help with stability. Join the SUNday Unity Meditations for amplification and Divine support.

Deep gratitude for our endurance, strength and this renewal energy of May. Keep visualizing and feeling the highest experience and outcomes. Remember Divine Love and Unity are our strongest assets.

Photo at top: A brilliant clear day on Mount Shasta during the Full Moon this week
In Love, Light and Service,

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