Wednesday, May 10, 2017

Disclosure Digest 5-10-17

It's Time To Enlighten-Up!

Here is a glimpse into the multi-dimensional view of fully realized Dzogchen Master:

John Oliver seems to be leading the charge on preserving Net Neutrality and getting laughs to boot:

This is a good example of seeming Chaos leading to win-win outcomes, just be patient:

Team Dark is shifting many power players in the crumbling 4Th Reich:

Finally, some great news on the plastic bottle front:

Followed by some great views for the nosy TSA inspectors:I predict these will sell well in Utah:

 A recent Sputnick posting; apparently it's not just Russian bears who are pissed-off:

Which brings us to an L.A. bear being chased-off:

This is priceless! Julian Assange offers ex-director Comey a real job:

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