Monday, May 8, 2017

Disclosure Digest 5-8-17

Is It Hot In Here?

Thanks to Denise Lefay for her discovery of a new symptom: Ascension Hot Flashes! Git Sum: 

Judy is one pissed-off citizen journalist who gets her facts straight and doesn't mince her words. I am especially pleased with the FBI press release on their pedophile ring cleanup (click on hotlink):

Glen Greenwald is also majorly sideways about our very own Evil Empire:

Are you old enough to remember Joe Jackson's song 'Everything Gives You Cancer'?

This is a prototypical example of how sanely and quickly we'll clean up the mess on Terra Gaia as soon as we install NESARA governance:

Restoring severely damaged ecosystems will follow the general timeline herein presented, only at a much accelerated pace with help from the Agarthans (who have preserved every species humanity has caused to become extinct). Yes, the Dodo Bird will make a triumphant return to to the surface:

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