Thursday, May 18, 2017

Disclosure Digest 5-19-17


 Congratulations to Sandra for 5 years of selfless service to the Light at the Mt. Shasta Portal:


Rapacious corporations rejected by consumers are scrambling for lost revenues:

Big Pharma can't handle the truth, yet the truth of their misdeeds will out:

Let's do what we can to make their Earthwalk a fruitful one:

Disclosure of the Nazi roots of the  CIA horror show:

Morag highlights the 11:11 Portal from her point of view:

This will finally take down the Clinton/Rockefeller crime family:

The Common Law Courts are convened and convicting...git sum:

Another fine example of Darwinian Selection down South:

And last but not least The Full-Frontal Fulford report for this week:

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