Wednesday, May 17, 2017

Disclosure Digest 5-17-17

Witness An Entire Civilization In Recovery


 First off, let's balance out the old chakric system before the new one comes online:

Now that you're clicking on all cylinders try a dose of Akash:

Big Pharma's still out to get you if you don't stay informed:

Creating artificial scarcity is a pillar of the Babylonian Debt Slavery system here on Earth:

I love Assange! He works the world like a Motley Fool on retreat:

Look closely and you'll discover where a bunch of our tax dollars went:

Actions speak louder than excuses at the Veterans Administration and the DOD:

Deep throat was right; 'follow the money' into the heart of darkness:

And lastly, some more 'silver lining' stuff from The Donald:

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