Wednesday, January 31, 2018

Disclosure Digest 1-31-18

Hail, Hail, The Gang's All Here...

Full Frontal Ben Fulford takes us for a ride in his Omnibus:

Preston James of Veterans Today rips the Cabal a new one over their dastardly ways:

I personally didn't know that notoriously ill tempered Peacocks even had a warm fuzzy side:

This just in from our Less-Is-More Department; is this an oxymoron like 'power Yoga':

John Smallman goes mano-a-mano with JC and gets some enlightenment:
The most recent update by Sheldan Nidle for the Spiritual Hierarchy and the Galactic Federation:

Brenda Hoffman has got to be my favorite Ascension Coach; her stuff is spot-on and well written:

Tuesday, January 30, 2018

Disclosure Digest 1-30-18

 Q, Not So ANON...

Let's start with a little ratiocination from my favorite NY commie pinko lawyer, Lionel:

The Pope is another major lightworker getting a lot of bad press; I wonder why:

We swing now from Papal Father figures to Archetypal Mother figures, just for grins:

Your EcoAstrology Update: Leo-Aquarius Full Moon/Lunar Eclipse January 31, 2018:

The Alaska QUAKE was MUCH MORE than a Quake.; this changes everything:

This Eclipse Portal: what to expect/how to make the most of DNA changes that occur; git sum:

After my DNA changes activate my super Powers, I'm gonna get one of these in my doubble-wide:

Saturday, January 27, 2018

Kryon: Becoming Multidimensional

This recent channelling by Kryon is a very good overview of the metaphysics involved in our planetary Ascension, presented in reasonably uncomplicated English. It's a good place to start for recent awakeners; git sum old-school Kryon!

 Through Lee Carroll

Montreal, Canada November 11, 2017

Greetings, dear ones, I am Kryon of Magnetic Service. I sit in front of an esoteric audience right now and the subject has been multi-dimensionality for the entire day. You’re discovering things right now that are unbelievable to many. At the very basic level, and at the core of humanity’s perception, there is change coming. It’s beautiful change that is sometimes difficult to achieve and imagine, but if you look at it closely, it truly is a change that brings you out of the dark.

I want to review some things in this message that I have given in the past, then I want to introduce some new things to you that I’ve never said before. This is the time for it. Why should this be the time? Because, dear ones, you came here and are reading this. We are here as multidimensional energies and entities to teach you as much as you can understand about this shift.

First, let’s take a look at what has happened on the stage today since this meeting began [The Ariane Publishing Convention]. The channelling today has come from different Human sources, yet there was only one real message given. If you take a look at the various ways that it was delivered, you’d see that the Human is involved, but the core information is the same. What are the words that would describe in any language the core of what was said today? Hope, benevolence, love, compassion, togetherness, harmony and awakening. This is the message from the creative source today on this planet, as represented by multiple channellings.

How do you know if a channeller is real? It’s easy. Look for these subjects in the message: Hope, awakening, love, compassion and help when experiencing the difficulty of moving into the light. No channeller who is real and accurate will give you a doom and gloom message today. It is impossible, because the God-source knows what has taken place here on the planet and that’s the “message of the shift”.

GaiaPortal: Gaia Faeries Return In Fullness To The Planetary Surface

Channelled By √ČirePort On 1-27-18

 Gaia Faeries return in fullness to the planetary surface.

Caretakers are called and respond on all dimensional levels.

Placids rise and soothe the uncomforts.

Green Lights bathe and regenerate.

Friday, January 26, 2018

Disclosure Digest 1-26-18

Just A Natural Cloud Formation

Let's begin with a timely update on Gaia's Ascension Process from Our Lady of Mount Shasta:

Roy Potter aptly introduces the keynote speech by President Trump at Davos; give a listen:

All war-like games are preparation for later actual war-making; time to stop both activities:

Another activity worth stopping; mandatory vaccinations. this latest update from the Vaccine Wars:
The Pennsylvania Amish in the news again for non-cooperation with Team Dark bureaucrats:
This will be a great comfort to folks with beachfront property.; the 5D coastline is where?:

Here's the latest update from Mike(SaLuSa)Quinsey; very ponderable:

Jesus/Sananda: The Unreal Is Weakening In The Presence Of Love And Is Dissolving


Via John Smallman On 1-25-18

All across Planet Earth the energy fields of humans are moving toward each other, and melding, blending, and integrating, in evermore harmonious cooperation as the Tsunami of Love continues to strengthen and intensify. Yes, there are still conflicts arising, suffering is still being inflicted on the weak, as your various news agencies keep on reporting, but while this is occurring a massive release of old buried hatreds and resentments worldwide is taking place. 

The intensity of the loving attitudes and behaviors arising everywhere is leading to the disclosure of much shameful conduct that has been ongoing, but hidden, for eons. It is no longer possible to hide behaviors that prey on the weak and the innocent, they are being disclosed and brought to a close as the perpetrators are brought to justice.

Love is the infinite field of divine Power in which all that exists is held in eternal joy. As I have said before, anything that is not in perfect and complete alignment with Love is unreal, ephemeral, and it just fades away into nothingness in Love’s Presence. That is what is happening now on Earth. And that is reason to C E L E B R A T E ! The unreal is weakening in the Presence of Love, and it is dissolving, its time is past, all that you are seeing and hearing is but its final and raucous disintegration.

As the unreal, the illusion, disintegrates all around you, you will notice many amazing changes in your earthly existence, from your human forms to the physical environment in which you appear to be firmly ensconced. You have the power to change your perceptions and beliefs, and to open yourselves to a far wider range of possibilities and opportunities while you continue to maintain your human forms. 

Thursday, January 25, 2018

Disclosure Digest 1-25-18

Somewhere In Time...

 Let's begin with some good news from the Galactic Federation on a planet of Betelgeuse:

Team Dark is attempting to terraform planet Earth with electromagnetic interference:

The silent killers in western medicine are hidden in it's 'standard procedures' - caveat emptor:

Lionel, funny stuff from my favorite over-the-top New Yorker - git sum:

Longer and less amusing than Lionel; George Noory interviewing David Wilcock. Self promotion and background music aside this is a good presentation of Galactic current events:

Creator seems to be pointing towards an immanent uptick in meshuggeneh* disclosures:
Let's wrap it up with an Arcturian infomercial via Sue Lie:

*Crazy making.

Wednesday, January 24, 2018

Disclosure Digest 1-24-18

I Have A Message For You...

Worried about AI? Give this message from the Federation of Light, via Blossom Goodchild, a listen:

According to Kryon 'same as it ever was' won’t work's time get over it:

Jordan Sather, my fav Starseed Anchorperson, connects more dots in this Q & A session:

 This message is especially relevant for all of us who give great credence to 'the voices in our heads':

This is the best news I've read in a long time regarding the worldwide opioid epidemic:

 Thanks to Suzanne for this Twitter-sphere post; it helps reduce the prevailing confusion:

Full-Frontal Ben is busier than a one-legged man in a butt-kickin' contest:

This Matrix themed interview of Kevin Schipp by John Donne; git sum:

I wrap it up today with this one from The Anglic Guides via Taryn Crimi:

A Bhuddic Blast From The Past

My Arcturian sources posit that Earthly Buddhist teachings, in their simplest expressions, are the closest to their Galactic philosophy. Here is a short primer to get you ready for your First Contact:

Buddhist Teachings That Will Change Your Perspective on Life

There are several fundamental Buddhist teachings that can help us to lead a life that is of value to ourselves and others. Following these teaching can free us from suffering and help us to embrace our true purpose here on earth.

Buddhism teaches that we are on this earth for a purpose. Buddhist teachings say we are here to learn lessons that will develop us spiritually. This is why Buddhists believe in the concept of reincarnation and rebirth. We may come back to this earth many times in order to learn further lessons.

Lord Buddha taught that we can achieve a state of enlightenment or Nirvana. Reaching this state is only possible if we release our attachment to desire and the self or ego. Once this has been achieved, reincarnation ceases as we then move on to a different spiritual plane. We are then free from cycles of suffering and desire and are truly liberated from the ego.

Buddha believed that this was possible for all of us and the only condition was that we release ourselves from desire and the self. He argued that this is the cause of all suffering. However, Buddhism gives us some practices that we can use to help achieve this state.

Monday, January 22, 2018

Dsclosure Digest 1-22-18


Musings From The Gateway

Courtesy of Jennifer Farley we have these opening observations from Creator:

Thanks to Suzanne and GAoG for this timely editorial:

Kryon spoke of the Crystal Kids years ago in his messages; they're digitally high functioning and have a zero threshold of tolerance for the Cabal and it's bad behaviors.  Here's one from England:

While we're visiting the Crystals let's check in with Jordan Sather on YouTube:

Rob Potter takes us down the 'Wetware' rabbit hole, where Cabal nano tech gets tres dark:

Preston James does a fine job of summarizing an expose of 'the best kept secrets on the planet':

This mini rant is spot on as PCR serve up some more Red Pills for Grey Panthers:

I just love how Finnian writes an op-ed piece; the Irish have a way with words:

Sunday, January 21, 2018

Disclosure Digest 1-21-18

IMHO These Two

Still Wear White Hats

I'm in complete agreement with Bro Beckow regarding Obama's noble mission:

These are truly the desperate acts of a terminally wounded and genocidal Cabal:

Lisa Renee explains her take on the energetic phenomenon of Divine Insomnia:

Exposing the Team Dark vaccine agenda is going viral:

Many thanks to Louisa fo The Goldfish Report for making this video happen; well done:
Disclosure RoundTable with COBRA, James Gilliland, Kauilapele and Winston Shrout - The GoldFish Report No. 181- ‘UNITING THE LIGHT’

GaiaPortal: Felicitations To The Angels Are Recalled...

Channelled By √ČirePort On1-21-18

Felicitations to the Angels are recalled, as Higher Essence prevails.

Hue-Essence is recognized by those Ascendants of the Realm.

Mighty powers of planetary surface are seen for their smallness.

Solitudes are remembered.

Saturday, January 20, 2018

The Team: Consciousness is Unlimited

With all of the reporting I've done lately on the various aspects to the Liberation of Humanity it's easy to loose sight of the primary focus of the Galactic Light Forces which is assisting Hue-manity to free it's individual and collective consciousness from 3/4D into the Multi-Dimensional, Crystalline levels of Beingness in the HERE of this Eternal NOW Moment. Or something like that...Mazel Tov! 

Via Peggy Black On 1-19-18

We are here offering our support as you continue to interface with the many realities that are being presented. Many of these realities are polarizing and dividing the collective. We invite you to take a fresh inventory of your beliefs. We invite you to strive for the highest and the best for all.

Remember that you are a powerful part of this collective and you are here to bring a shift to your planet, a planet that has struggled with the denseness of misqualified energies for eons of time. These struggles are out-pictured in even your most current events.

It is important to watch what you give your focus and energy to. You are a stunning magnificent being with skills and abilities you have barely touched. So shake off any feeling of limitations, shake off any hesitations and move forward and make a difference.

There is a collective energy field and everyone, everyone is a part of the field. We realize that you feel separate and have your own personal life and activities that might seem unrelated to the bigger picture. However we remind you, that is an illusion.

Your thoughts, feelings and beliefs join this energy field and create fields of information that go into the collective or global mind. So ask yourself often what are you contributing to this collective consciousness?

Are you adding new concepts and entertaining new possibilities. Remember consciousness is unlimited. Consciousness travels time. Consciousness moves through the dimensions. Consciousness has energetic effects on all things.

Friday, January 19, 2018

Disclosure Digest 1-19-18

There's A War In The Heavens

And Revolution On The Ground
"Suspected Meteors' and 'Possible Fireballs' Really?

The council via Ron Head explain the current iteration of the Divide and Conquer meme:

Thor's Hammer is coming down on the pillars of Cabal control of the USA Corp. - Git Sum:

Aloha! The Pleidian Fleet intervenes in Hawaii and Japan missile attacks to remove the bad actors:\inetpub\wwwroot\\code\trans&file=180114_We_Have_Been_Expecting.pdf

The truth-out of Big Pharma rolls on and seems to be gaining speed:

Multiple Mike joins with Kryon to explain the coming financial reset and the end of the status quo: 

GeoEngineering Finally Explained In Plain English

I post this 1Hour and 11Minute interview because it is the best, most comprehensible explanation of this insane, eugenic program to weaponize the atmosphere and use it to attack the sheeple/useless eaters. That's you and me, folks. Please give it a listen.

What the Hell Are They Spraying? 

Lionel Interviews Dane Wigington of GeoEngineering Watch

(This video is available on

Thursday, January 18, 2018

Disclosure Digest 1-18-18

Reports From The Chaotic Node

(You can't make this stuff up, folks)

Add rogue intelligence agencies to your disclosure list; Uncle Vlad is giving them plenty of rope:

Starseed Anchorman, Jordan Sather at your service; this kid is good at what he does:

These qualities typify behaviors of our higher dimensional selves; we already possess them in vitro:

Commander Zarton through Suzanne Lie and the Arcturians gives us the view from the Fleet:

Wednesday, January 17, 2018

WWCC of 9: The Rainbow Effect And The Dark Magicians

Magenta and The Nine remind us of why it is critically important to stay out of egoic judgment as we assist the Awakening Ones during Gaia's Ascension process. All in all, a very Buddhist take on duality and how to be in it but not of it. It's the only way I know of to avoid the Old 3D karmic flypaper:

Via Magenta Pixie On 1-16-18

(This video is available on

The Creator Writings: More Choices

Transcribed by Jennifer Farley 

On 1-17-18

Now, more than ever, it is important to take responsibility for your thoughts, actions and reactions.  Your Earth plane is shifting in a way that it never has before and there will be no room for falsehoods or denials.  If you create it, own it; see it for what it truly is, learn from it and release it to be transformed by the Unconditional Love of The Universe.  This is much too significant to ignore.  Of course, the choice has always been yours.  Make wise, informed ones that resonate with your soul. ~ Creator

Tuesday, January 16, 2018

Update From the Galactic Federation Of Light And The Spiritual Hierarchy 1-16-18

Via Sheldan Nidle

An important event is expected to occur in the coming weeks, so be prepared. The dark realizes how close its demise really is...Once all is in place, be prepared for the sudden arrival of the RV GCR NESARA/GESARA, including all the rest of your promised prosperity.
Selamat Balik! We return. The events of today are encouraging and continue to foreshadow the defeat of the dark cabal. The important point is to understand what this defeat would truly imply. The dark is reeling as it collapses in the wake of its unavoidable defeat. Consequently, we are ecstatic and realize that this is just the beginning of many rewarding events to come. We recognize what this process truly means to all of you who are working in the Light. We expect, after initiating our next gambit, to present you your long-sought victory of prosperity and freedom. We have now devised a special strategy to see that this is actually carried out.

The dark can no longer rely on power as its main base. So far, the dark does not yet fully understand our intent. We are determined to achieve the victory that their defeat implies. It is not easy to remake a reality that is over 13 millennia old. We ask that Lightworkers persevere in the patience you have shown so far. An important event is expected to occur in the coming weeks, so be prepared. The dark realizes how close its demise really is.

The dark continues to deploy any stratagem it can to delay the inevitable. The long-delayed packages are being readied for release. The maneuvers of the GF and our Earth allies have enabled us to surmount certain obstacles. Once all is in place, be prepared for the sudden arrival of the RV~GCR~NESARA/GESARA, including all the rest of your promised prosperity. A number of discrepancies in the banking system are currently to our advantage. We are using their own system to out-smart them. These “banking rules” are to allow the long-promised Lightwork to actually occur.

Monday, January 15, 2018

Disclosure Digest 1-15-18

Cheerful Capricorn New Moon Y'All

As this New Moon ushers in new alignments it would be prudent to check in with Stephanie Austin:

Jordan Sather comes through with an eye-opening report to start our week:

Ben Fulford chimes in with his latest Full Frontal rant you your consideration, with discernment:

A truthful article and a bang-up video synopsis by Alex Jones on mopping up Team Dark:

We close with this mid-month Q and A offering from Matthew via Suzy Ward:

GaiaPortal: Thoroughfares Of Energetic Pathways Have Been Cleared

Channelled By √ČirePort On 1-15-18

Thoroughfares of Energetic pathways have been cleared.
Higher Levelers are succeeding in the hu-being arena.

Nocturnal living is finished.

Levitations into Higher Consciousness become commonplace.

Sunday, January 14, 2018

Disclosure Digest 1-14-18


 Time Isn't After Us...


Blossom Goodchild starts us off with an upbeat message from The Federation of Light:

We continue to offer more links to Earth History101 because inquiring minds want to grok:

A short note from the Arcturian Council, via Daniel Scranton, for your consideration:

For those just awakening to the Secret Space Programs here's an overview from Jordan Sather:

Thanks to Marilyn Raffaele for this kind message from her Arcturian 'family':

Remember that the RV/Prosperity Funds will come in many different guises:

Saturday, January 13, 2018

Disclosure Digest 1-13-18

It's Time For Some Galactic Input

Let's begin with some sage advice from Creator about our ongoing mental hygiene:

The latest from our Starseed news anchor, Jordan Sather, for your consideration:

A Corey Goode Mega-Update: Ancient Builder Race- Recovering Humanity's Billion-Year Legacy:

It's been a while since a good snippet from Bashar has been available...git Sum:

Here we sample recent channellings via John Smallman; messages from Jesus/Sananda and Saul:

Friday, January 12, 2018

The Arcturians: Learning And Remembering Inter-Dimensional Light Language


Through Sue Lie On 1-6-18


The Arcturians Through Suzanne Lie
Again, you may find your heart and mind hanging around our higher dimensional group of the Masters, Angels, Elohim. You see, “The beginning of the Beginning” is beginning.

We, the Arcturians are always with you and are playing an increasingly different role in what was once known as your “time.”

As the frequency streamers of the emergence of the “fifth dimensional concepts, feelings, and memories” come forth to integrate within your consciousness, you are beginning to release many of your third dimensional emotions and reactions to your Time and Space Operating System.

As you release your attachments to your Third Dimensional, Time/Space, Operating System, you will find that gradually, or all at once, you will return to your innate, fifth dimensional, Here/Now Operating Systems

We know that “you,” meaning any person, place, situation, or thing that is on the Path of Ascension, are coming closer and closer to the experience of consciously perceiving the frequency expansion of your reality into the fifth dimension.

It is within this fifth dimensional reality that the third/fourth dimensional energy fields merge and transmute into fifth dimensional energy fields. As you feel these streams of energy advancing towards each other, like two streams rushing towards a reunion, you can feel that something is changing, or is it transmuting?

“Changing” means that something is different then it was before the change. “Transmuting” means that something has expanded into a higher frequency of resonance.

Thursday, January 11, 2018

Disclosure Digest 1-11-18

 Mother Earth Seems Quite Pleased Of Late

 Let's begin with this lovely message from Terra Gaia:

Not to forget the Archangelics, after all their hard work, a snippet from Gabriel:

Some 2018 expectations from our Appalachian seer extraordinaire, Gillian MacBeth-Louthan:

Animal rights are being supported in the oddest of places these days:

And here it is again, right smack dab in the middle of cattle country, yee haw:

If you still doubt that we're 'There Yet' Patricia is here to set you straight: