Thursday, January 25, 2018

Disclosure Digest 1-25-18

Somewhere In Time...

 Let's begin with some good news from the Galactic Federation on a planet of Betelgeuse:

Team Dark is attempting to terraform planet Earth with electromagnetic interference:

The silent killers in western medicine are hidden in it's 'standard procedures' - caveat emptor:

Lionel, funny stuff from my favorite over-the-top New Yorker - git sum:

Longer and less amusing than Lionel; George Noory interviewing David Wilcock. Self promotion and background music aside this is a good presentation of Galactic current events:

Creator seems to be pointing towards an immanent uptick in meshuggeneh* disclosures:
Let's wrap it up with an Arcturian infomercial via Sue Lie:

*Crazy making.

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