Monday, January 22, 2018

Dsclosure Digest 1-22-18


Musings From The Gateway

Courtesy of Jennifer Farley we have these opening observations from Creator:

Thanks to Suzanne and GAoG for this timely editorial:

Kryon spoke of the Crystal Kids years ago in his messages; they're digitally high functioning and have a zero threshold of tolerance for the Cabal and it's bad behaviors.  Here's one from England:

While we're visiting the Crystals let's check in with Jordan Sather on YouTube:

Rob Potter takes us down the 'Wetware' rabbit hole, where Cabal nano tech gets tres dark:

Preston James does a fine job of summarizing an expose of 'the best kept secrets on the planet':

This mini rant is spot on as PCR serve up some more Red Pills for Grey Panthers:

I just love how Finnian writes an op-ed piece; the Irish have a way with words:

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