Friday, January 5, 2018

Disclosure Digest 1-5-18

We Got Galactic Boots On The Ground

These two latest videos from Starseed anchorman Jordan Sather will keep you well informed:

Sandra Walter gives us an update on the energies currently at play and shows off her new website:

Beinsa Douno brought this message through in 1944 and most of what he describes has been happening for some years now regarding Earth's Ascension. I would take exception to the cataclysmic earth changes he envisioned. We, the Human Collective, have awakened into co-operation with Gaia's process thus mitigating the disruptive waves of cleansing. Enjoy:

Thanks to Jennifer Farley for the ever reliable Creator Scribe for us intentional Earthlings:

Daniel Scranton channels the Pleiadian-High Council Of Seven; this is their latest missive:

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