Here in the spiritual realms we are delighted to watch humanity’s amazing progress as you move rapidly and inexorably towards awakening. You need to awaken, and increasing numbers of you are doing so, one at a time. But, that one by one, “left lane closed ahead” method is coming to an end because the new Super Highway to awakening will shortly be brought into operation.

Everyone will awaken because it is God’s Will, and as there is only God there is only His Will. Therefore there is nothing to fear, even though the mainstream news is mostly reporting on fearful events to encourage you to live in fear, and pointing out large numbers of things and events of a fearful nature to justify this encouragement.

Love is free, open, undemanding, unconditional, utterly gentle, and infinitely powerful! As humans it is very difficult for you to see or believe that because you are so caught up in the seeming reality of the illusion where your very survival seems always to be under threat, and the evidence of that threat is seen in storms, earthquakes, volcanic eruptions, wars, and sickness, which results in a constant and ongoing sense that “I need to defend and protect myself and my loved ones from all these horrors.”

But engaging with that thought, or any similar one, and holding it in the forefront of awareness closes down your hearts and shuts out of your awareness the Love, the infinite field of Love, in which all of creation, including each one of you, is eternally present.

You are each eternal and immortal beings created for joy in the Presence of God.  There is only God, and so you are always in that Presence, but because you chose to play the game of separation, and because when you were created you were given the Power of God, you were able to construct an unreal but seemingly very real physical environment that you have named the universe, sometimes even “the multiverse.”  It seems vast, especially when compared to your physical form, nevertheless it is contained within You.