Sunday, November 19, 2017

Disclosure Digest 11-19-17

The Crystalline Grid Is Fully Operational

We begin with an Eco-Astrology Overview courtesy of Stephanie Austin, M.A.:

Plenty of Plutonian energies at work here...git sum:

David Wilcock tells it much like it really is, as the swamps continue to drain:

Staying out of judgment is damn hard work...time for a self-care break:

We're well on our way to our new cryptocurrency - Federation Credits: 

Who woulda' thunk that changing your point of view could be so complex:

Here's Cabal architecture at it's Reptilian worst; there be Dragons here, matey:

Multiple-Mike keeps us up to date with his most recent posting:

What Cosmic Highway would be complete without some Burma Shave signage from OLoMt.Shasta:

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