Thursday, November 30, 2017

Feeling Too 3D Or Too 5D? Don’t Worry! It’s Cosmic rEvolution

By Morag On 11-29-17

Guest writer,

We are caught in a maelstrom of clashing energetic frequencies, a great war for the evolution and freedom of humanity and planet earth, Gaia. Prophesied and predicted for many thousands of years, cosmic occurrences have conspired to activate multi dimensional, accelerated rEvolution. We are experiencing profound timeline shifts triggered by the 11.11 portal. Our allies work to guide us towards positive timelines whilst our enemies, the cabal elite and their intergalactic masters step up their attempts to lock down humanity in negative timelines.

These adjustments can be felt by some, like a rippling effect in the fabric of our reality, nothing feels solid. If we are moving when these adjustments occur, vertigo or nausea can be experienced. We can feel untethered and simultaneously connected to everything. This creates a floaty, fluctuating, woozy feeling that can last a few minutes. Timeline shifts are key in the manifestation of a new peaceful higher dimension.

Warriors of Gaia we have much work to do yet many of us are feeling in limbo or overwhelmed. Whilst some with the calling to help humanity and Gaia have already actively engaged in this role, many more of us feel stuck, caught in the blinding headlights of cosmic evolution. Others are poised and ready, waiting for a green light, go. This waiting, this sense of anticipation carries with it anxiety, a spark of adrenalin crackling throughout our system.

In the blink of an eye, in a wave of higher vibrational surf we can soar or crash on our cosmic surfboards. Studying, knowing and speaking the language of energy and how it manifests our realities is fundamental. We are learning to be hyper aware of our frequencies and the vibration of people and places in our lives. We are here to learn or relearn the meaning of quantum existence within the relative confines of a third dimension holographic world.

We are learning we can manually reset, realign, tune up, heal and protect ourselves. We adapt our lifestyle, expand our consciousness, we become the change we want to see in the world. We survive karmic purges, global and personal. We grow in the light as energetic beings. We move into our heart, this changes every single interaction in our lives, it changes everything. We become mindful of how much effort and practise it takes to be mindful!
In the bubbles of space our guides and higher self have created for us we surf this steep learning curve. We can integrate, empathise, transmute, recalibrate and transform. We are 5th, or higher, dimensional beings operating in a 3d reality. We are learning to balance higher dimensional wavelengths with third dimension living. This is a tall order and can leave us feeling exhausted. We are essentially trying to balance one foot in the 3d, the other in 5d, keeping ourselves upright, flexible and flowing. Synergy is the name of the game, seeking and achieving balance within a quantum world.
Staying grounded, mantras, drinking water, nature, soul tribe and mindful living keep us firmly rooted in the 3d. To be connected to a joyful, appreciative, grateful life, to see the good, the positivity, the love and beauty in our human lives is key to pulling this balancing trick off. Yet this can make volunteers feel too grounded, too 3d, too dense and heavy. We can find meditation difficult, demands on our time wearing, we can yearn for solitude and expansive consciousness. Even the good emotions, the wonder and complexity can overwhelm us, especially if we have been used to lighter ways of being, no body, zen energy, as opposed to a tricky body to look after and a vast spectrum of emotions that seem to flicker from one to the other like flames in a breeze.

Home is the fifth dimension or higher for many people who identify as starseed, volunteers, earth or light warriors. Higher vibrations are comfortable, familiar, easy and beautiful. Human life on 21st century planet earth is challenging, complex, spiky, traumatic and unpredictable. We can yearn for higher vibrations, meditating as much as possible sometimes to the neglect of our day to day routines. As 5d beings experiencing a 3d existence the doorways to higher frequencies, nature, meditation, sound healing and holistic therapies call us constantly ‘come hang out here, float in bliss, zen, loveliness’.

To anchor our light to Gaia’s grid is our mission. To raise the vibrations one person at a time, creating positive ripples in this ocean of organic life, this is our calling. We may feel we are only achieving this when we are channelling those higher frequencies, illuminated, connected to a cosmic world of wonder. Paradoxically there are times when being 3d, grounded as much as possible, not meditating, actively engaging and interacting with our world is precisely what Gaia and our allies need from us. Mindfully engaging with our human 3d life, experiencing each minute, connected and grounded, emotionally embedded in this human experience IS raising the vibrations of the planet.
When there are cosmic battles taking place to reset the frequencies meditation can be difficult, we can feel frustrated, worried we’ve lost our meditation practise, become too 3d. Those times when we are floating in zen bliss ground us into higher frequencies. We integrate upgrades, adapting our lifestyle to enhance inner stillness, embracing the energies of love, peace, joy and protection. Our system stabilises in higher frequencies enabling us to roll out ripples of lighter vibrations all the time.

When cosmic seas gets heated and stormy and the matrix presses down on us, we feel slow, spacey, unable to meditate, don’t worry! As light warriors we are in the process of learning how to do both, soar in zen dimensions and be fully present in our 3d lives, to not fall off our cosmic surf boards. Our grounded, present, joyful, calm, healing interactions embed positive energies into Gaia whether we are communing with universal love frequency or replying to those rails or picking our kids up from school.

There will be times when Gaia needs us to be flying high, soaring waves of 5th, 6th, 7th and above dimensional frequencies, emanating these energies through our beings into the third dimension. We will be meditating all the time, communing with nature, revelling in love vibration. We will be required to blast 5d frequencies out far and wide. During those times the challenge is to stay grounded, to not lose our footing in our day to lives. To stay connected to the people who love us, the work we do, the hobbies we have, the life we live here. Its swings and roundabouts friends. The variables are where we are on our personal evolutionary path and what is happening in the skies above us, the oceans and earth of this planet, the energetic needs of the mothership Gaia.

What we are learning now, as we reflect on this mysterious, profound world of energy and the accelerated ascension of this planet, will be the roots of our future work on Gaia. Some woke up long ago and have been working for many years to raise the vibration through healing, teaching, guidance and protection. Others are waking up now to their mission, to their purpose.

This is not a race or a competition these are matrix algorithms of thought control. This is an organic process. A rare, complex and cosmic process, the accelerated evolution of a planet and her people. Be kind to yourself, be kind to others. Recharge your batteries regularly and plug into the joy of the human experience. See life as a challenge not a chore, a chance to make a difference, to create a better world with authentic, grounded love vibrations.

As the battle rages on more glitches in the matrix will be experienced, more dimensional slippage will occur. We are fighting for our free will, for a peaceful future on planet earth. As earth warriors, light warriors love is our weapon, love is our shield, love is our purpose. Self care is paramount whether we are tripping the light fandango in the 7th dimension, or smelling our child’s hair, fully paid up members of the present. Look after your body, keep your mind healthy and expansive and don’t worry if meditation is evading you, if inner stillness seems like a long ago dream, it will come back. The cosmic ebb and flow of this evolution means sometimes our light is anchored from the fifth and other times from the 3rd. Our challenge is to transmute, tune up, transition without crashing off our cosmic surfboard.

Let the elite, the cabal, the infiltrators try and mess with the timelines, let ’em try and embed us in lower frequency filth, it won’t work. There are too many of us, too many awakening souls across the planet, too much advanced communication technology to take away now.  We know what others are doing around the globe, we can share what we are doing. This is momentum. This is transformation. This is revolution. A revolution of frequencies, a new earth born from light, rescued from darkness.

Keep sending love and healing to whistle blowers globally, their courage is truly inspiring. Keep focusing intention on calm, loving interactions throughout the day. Stay protected with shield of love up at all times. And stay online beautiful people. You are not alone. There are many of us flying up and down the frequency spectrum trying to figure out how to stabilise each day, grounded and expansive, heart open, third eye activated keeping chi energy free flowing through our trinity being.

As Manifestors we are here to create positive timelines. Don’t worry about being too 5d or too 3d. On the vast spectrum of dimensional frequencies, whichever vibrational space you are inhabiting at any given moment, keep your heart open, your third eye connected and your mind posittteeeve beautiful people. In light and love cosmic brothers and sisters

Mantras: I am one with universal love light energy.
I connect to universal love protected at all times by my higher self and my guides.
I share love, I receive love, I am love.

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