Wednesday, November 15, 2017

Disclosure Digest 11-15-17

Time For Another Trip 

Down The Rabbit Hole

This feels like endgame desperation by the US deep-state players; the games have begun:

 Jordan Sather delivers another short,sharp update on the ongoing global swamp drainage:

2017 was my Year of Major Detox From Weaponized Processed Foods; this info is right on:

 Big Pharma’s world class drug pushers are still protected by corrupt politicians, legislators and the judiciary. Why in heaven's name is this still possible? It’s time to drain this corporate cesspool:

The Khazarian Mafia runs Israel, the US and Britain like a wholly owned Satanic subsidiaries: 

 If the above information is giving you brain-cramps here's a guy with the cure for monkey-mind:

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