Tuesday, November 21, 2017

History Unfolding

The rumors are flying fast and thick.

Critical, historic events are unfolding before our eyes.

Important officials in two influential states have fallen – Saudi Arabia and Zimbabwe.

Exposes are happening right and left.

Heaven knows how many more world leaders will fall.  I read an article yesterday saying that many African dictators are looking into alternate arrangements.

It’s as if the world has arisen in protest – or dictators fear that it will. Will they be next, to follow Mugabe?

“Jared Rand” said in a conference call Sunday evening that “tens of thousands” are being arrested in the U.S. “Things are going on around the country at breakneck speed.” He confirmed the rumor that the very FEMA camps intended to be used to house intellectuals and dissidents are being used to house cabal members.

My predictions? Watch for the drug cartels to fall – after the snake’s head, the CIA, is removed (rumors have the Marines already there). All genuine terrorists, most of all our own “state terrorists” behind all our false-flag operations like 9/11 and Las Vegas will be removed.

All corrupt figures in every government institution. The same in the military, Veterans Administration, churches, universities.  Prisoners unlawfully convicted will be released.  Prisons for profit will be closed. Unfair and unconstitutional legislation will be rescinded.

Anyone who will not stop preying on humanity will be removed. I know that the White Hats, including the Galactics, have been collecting dossiers on everyone involved in corruption since I first heard of Ascension in 2008. That was the talk of the day back then.

Meanwhile, how well are we doing, watching this unfold before our eyes? It certainly is gripping.

Because we know what’s actually happening (the cabal is being taken apart), I can view all that’s going on somewhat like a movie. It hasn’t quite been real for me.

Until I remember that real men and women are dying to establish a new form of government. Their sacrifice is very real. So, yes, it’s deadly real and no movie.

After this phase of things, I think we’ll approach the process of truth-telling and reconciliation that follows as a spiral, in much the same way that life itself is a spiral. In both, we keep returning to the same unfinished business but from a higher and higher level.

We may do a so-so job, say, with reconciliation the first time around and better the next, etc.
The direction of things is to a higher level of being that isn’t accessible as long as we’re weighted down by dense vibrations so every lingering conflict has to go.

Our social incompletions are bound to come up as the energies rise.  Our own missed marks (“sins” in archery) in international affairs are many – yes, us, the so-called “West.” We think of ourselves as world saviors, “making the world safe for democracy,” etc., but some other folks regard us as world-class scourges.

We’ve invaded and colonized so many countries and financially ruined others that we may have a lot to face into when every voice is deemed to be equal and is allowed the opportunity to speak and be heard.

Going through this process of social completion seems to me essential. I don’t think the people of the world would accept that we’ve entered a new era if they didn’t see liberation from the bondage of debt, taxes, rising prices, falling incomes, etc.

I don’t think they’d believe it if they weren’t given the full truth of what has happened in our world, the full story, no matter how sad so much of it is.

I think they’ll need to see that world society has taken a new direction and is truly serious about letting go of the past and building the future.

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