Sunday, November 5, 2017

Disclosure Digest 11-5-17

Elixirs Of Light,

Porlana-C Anyone?

Morag leads us off with some good old fashioned Lightworker Cheer-Leading...Git Sum:

We're about to get the new week off to a quick start with a G-1 class high-speed solar wind stream:

I remember when Kryon indicated some years ago that the planetary Kundalini would anchor itself in Peru preparatory to the Event and the resulting externalization of New Earth; these ladies grok it:

Multiple Mike/SaLuSa graces us with another message confirming that we're no longer in Kansas:

The latest bulletin from Jordan Sather via KP's Blog...yes, the Game is afoot:

Publically held banks are a great idea; I loved the post office bank when I lived in Holland:

Thanks to Deus Nexus for the heads-up on this intriguing new film outing the SSP's:

Bro Beckow does a nice job of addressing some folks concerns about family and loved ones:

Archangel Gabriel reminds us of the unique opportunities presented by the upcoming 11:11:

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