Tuesday, November 7, 2017

Kryon: Wild Cards

Kryon deals from the top of the cosmic deck in this snippet just sent out by Lee. He calls these short extracts from longer channellings 'Marshmallow Messages' and I believe he's trying to tell us something about our Orange-Haired Wrecking Ball chief of state...

Marshmallow Message Via Lee Carroll

From Kryon Book 14: The New Human

We talk about things like "wild Cards," which is a metaphor for "planned synchronicity."  We have used the terminology before.  Again we say to you, "You don't know what you don't know."  In other words, if you have not seen it yet, you cannot easily conceive it.  Futurists try to do this, and those who are specialists in deciding what might be happening next, will do their best as well.  Some, with second sight, will also try to move into that future place that no one knows about...and then they will look around and report.  Dear ones, they have all been repeatedly wrong!  The reason is because they cannot know what they have never seen or conceptualized.

We talk about wild cards happening on the planet.  A wild card is extreme synchronicity that changes places, people and the planet in ways that no one could conceive of.  A real wild card would be outside of the perception of those who would tell the future.  In other words, it would never be expected or even thought of as reality.  There are several kinds of wild cards, and you have experienced many already.  Let me give you some examples. 

In the history of the planet, the electricity that you use today came from one man.  Now listen to this, for it is the crux of the entire channeliling: The invention of alternating current, which is the kind of electricity being used currently, did not come from a committee of scientists.  It did not come from a university science group who studied electricity.  There were no committees, who were smarter than all other humanity, that put this together.  Instead, one man came to this planet with an Akashic purpose.He had a soul that was put here just for that, at the right time and the right place.  He was even limited by how much he could do, and was frustrated that he couldn't proceed with what else he had discovered and developed.  He died unfulfilled.  Nikola Tesla arrived on time, and that was a wild card.

You can tell wild cards because they are not created from multiple consciousness (groups of Humans).  They usually stand totally alone.  They present themselves normally as singular Humans, in an unexpected event.  Sometimes it's one man, one woman, or an extraordinary leader with wise ideas.  Sometimes it's an inventor, often an artist or poet, and other times it's a master musician.  They make their mark so strongly and so completely, that the world remembers them forever.  That is a wild card.  You may think it's just normal luck of genealogy?  That's funny.

~ KRYON, through Lee Carroll
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