Saturday, November 18, 2017

Wide Open Hearts Experience Pure Magic


By Lisa Transcendence Brown On 11-16-17

Aloha beautiful Cosmic Love BEings,

Our hearts have to be WIDE OPEN... just a little bit won't do. This last week while immersed in sharing Unity-Love-Consciousness with a group here on Kauai, playing, beauty, presence, magic and freedom replaced linear beliefs of "should/should not" or "rules on how" to do this journey.... all went out the window when the REALity of raising each's vibration to the point of HAPPY took on a life of it's own. Everyone came to realize that none of this is as they "thought" and it actually wasn't as "hard" as it was all made out to be, yet they also learned/realized how each one of them dictated their realities by their own focus, contribution and by uniting, not separating off, not putting up protection mechanisms and how easy all is when we get our head out of the way. Learning simple practices are KEY. Doing them together creates a "visual imprint" and a "virtual memory" to access later when intentional shifting is desired. Working together in a group brings forth more unity. Experiencing beats linear anything!

This was a beyond POWERFUL GATEWAY AND PORTAL ACTIVATION WEEK, where we chose to get out in nature and open portals in a multitude of ways! We captured photos and shared them too. Playing in Unicorn and very strong LeMUrian Mermaid energies, brought forth even more excitement as we oozed playfulness, happiness and cleared everything that emerged of old separation/unconscious programming that no longer serves a purpose for anyone. Often huge body clearings, where the deep, heavy ones were held, we supported and worked through everything together, which is beautiful to observe. So many old hidden things seeking to finally be released without any attempts to hold on or judge. So many reflective of the collectives, each experiencing their own individual stories, yet not desiring to keep carrying anything forth. All ready for MORE LOVE and HAPPINESS! Such profound exquisiteness!!!♥

This powerful gateway JUST BLEW THE GATES OFF our passageways we've entered into now. Wide open is the only way, as all takes each deeper within themselves to connect and remember in even more ways.

Every day was portals, then obvious energy shifts to clear. Portals open, huge activations, clearing, rest, integrate, closing out timelines upon timelines. We had an added bonus, oceanfront on the beach. The energy and power of the ocean and waves were WOW too! The golden sunsets and platinum skies, as we opened and anchored continually (and still do).

Every moment is a "test" for your human, to see if you will open up more, come together/unite on your own. Your full-inner-connection with you as your entire YOUniverse and creating TRUST where there was none before, because you were unconscious/asleep. (We all were).

Tears of REMEMBERING flow, to cleanse our cells of all that we forgot. That moment when our heart opens fully, THAT IS THE MOMENT and it's THIS SPACE that we learn to function from, one of full gratitude and freedom, peace and a love so simple and sacred.

Many are still unaware of the deep hurt, pain and memories of LeMUrian, Atlantean & Galactic Timelines that now surface for many to clear. Many represented by biblical and Egyptian remembrances too, this is about UNIFICATION of all of our aspects, back into full love and DIVINE UNION WITHIN. Collectively, there is much occurring to cleanse and raise the vibration of all too.

The systems of suppression/oppression and that which choked the life out of each, this is what is going.... to be replaced by that which supports our highest existences here. WE are the ones that do this, together, which is why each will experience whatever necessary to transcend those unconscious programs, plays, stories, mentality realities that represented separation in every way.

As the veils diminish for each, as these new encodements re-write and re-structure all, we experience completion phases on a daily basis now. The moment that reality has concluded, the cellular structure will break down and re-structure for all new realities to prepare to play. This breakdown cycle and re-coding/restructuring processes are increasing the speed at which this occurs. Where you are in-tune with your body and entire reality energetically, then you will flow, support, assist by allowing and your own presence moves in flow with this. The karmic timeline conclusions are instant now. Clear the emotion and poof "gone" done. When a reality is over it's over. The whole thing is wiped. This is why we don't hold onto or carry anything over. This creates "suffering" and makes all rougher than it has to be.

LET GO COMPLETELY. Come together when you see the purposes/benefits and then all will end. The next reality will begin. Often times we have a gazillion realities running simultaneously, managing all of them, then others all slows down to be just one, while holographically/energetically we are working in a bazillion still.

As we move further through this December Passageway, identify all that is dissolving or needs to be allowed to dissolve. Focus your energy on what's fully aligned, playing, creating and accomplishing. Productivity is key, through PRESENCE and deep inner-connection. This is not a "try hard" anymore. This is a get up and do, step up to the plate, show up and follow through with being the one that cares, supports, shares, considers everyone and is ready to do what it takes. Human aspects have excuses and limits. You do not.

As I continue to slam out November, while having a blast and dealing with any old matrix constructs that pop-up too, maintaining Quantum and observing linear allows us to collapse everything the moment we do. All linear goes.... as all learn to maneuver and function in all-new-Quantum Ways....

Honor your Cosmic Body and StarGate System. InJOY traveling multi-dimensionally and anchoring more awesomeness here! I'll resume normal sharings in a few weeks. Until then, photos and the occasional random update is my norm as I "do" realities appropriately too!

Make your vibration #1. You will inJOY everything you do in-service if you do! ♥

I love you!!!! Happy everything! 

~ Lisa ~

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