Saturday, November 11, 2017

A Message from Mira of the Pleiadian High Council 11-7-17

Channelled By Valerie Donner

Dear Ground Crew,

[Is that what's trroublin' ya, Bunkie?- Ed]
How steady is your ship in the ocean of life? Are you being bantered about with the waves of energy that are bombarding you? Are you getting sucked into the ocean and going down a black hole when a new catastrophic event occurs on the planet? Do you feel somewhat directionless like you are floating around on a ship without a rudder? Are you trying to make sense out of the ocean of life when one wave hits you from one side or the next?

Your response to these questions may or may not be positive. As ground crew I would expect that our most masterful and talented lightworkers such as you, are riding through the currents of change with purpose. You know the bigger picture. You understand that we are in the midst of the Ascension process. You know the truth in your heart when the big events occur. You also know where to research what is true and what isn’t.

You don’t trust the news or the mainstream media. You think out-of-the-box. Your attention to the media is minimal if at all. You take responsibility for your own consciousness instead of letting the controlled media program you to think the way they want you to think. You are the captain of your own ship even if you don’t have all of the details, and you are rising in consciousness. You understand how important it is not to give your power away with fear.

What is most important to you at this time is to stay on purpose. You understand how quickly the material world is imploding upon itself. This reinforces the direction of your Ascension because it is symptomatic that the old world is falling apart. With this information you are capable of following the trajectory Home. When issues from the past rise up like flotsam and jetsam you are aware of that and release it as something of the past. You consciously clear and release, clear and release. This enables you to smooth out your ride during the final days of darkness. Your new creation is an illuminated Golden energy of the Christed being of love and light. All signs point to Home.

As you wait for new signs of your true purpose and destiny you fill your time with loving people, creativity, self-nurturing, rest, positive thoughts, enough information so that you can understand what is occurring, joy, laughter, play, beauty, and truth. In your heart you know that you are expanding your work and your worth to the point of remembering who you truly are and why you are here at this time. This is of paramount importance. You have worked laboriously throughout many incarnations on this planet to tactfully facilitate the process of positioning the planet where she is right now.

The gratitude from all of creation is coming to you now. You are beginning to find the celebrations that you will be having as almost palpable. You keep your eyes on the prize as you rise above the Phantom waves of darkness that would prefer to take you down. You are unstoppable and you will not rest until the shift has happened.

You are capable of adjusting and adapting to uncertainty. You are powerful enough to energetically assist others in seeing what is going on in truth. Your energy is enough to influence exponentially many people who are choosing to be a part of the light instead of the lies. You contain within you true power not false power. True power comes from the heart and from Source. You are connected with Source. That is why you are here now.

You do not rely on man-made laws you live by universal law. You have no need for weaponry because you live the truth. You reject fake news and inauthentic people. False power is service to self and power over others. True power is service to others. You know this and you live it. You are becoming increasingly empowered. This empowerment and belief in self makes lightworkers formidable and unpredictable to the opposing forces.

You have the complete and total support from the Light Alliance and the Galactic Alliance because you are one with them. You came here at this time to assure that your beloved earth and that all who choose to accompany her with her Ascension will reach the destination. It is your charter made manifest.

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