Wednesday, November 22, 2017

Disclosure Digest 11-22-17

 Panic In Bohemian Grove...Finally!

Please give this a listen; Jarrod Rand is a real, walkin', talkin' White Hat (living in Colorado, methinks) who gives the best Reval/GCR precis I have yet heard. His sharing begins at 2hrs 29min:

Ex CIA- Robert David Steele asserts that a Trump (White Hat) counter-coup is in play and that the Deep State, pedophiles and Satanist are toast; git sum with marmalade on top:

IMHO this report is a 'real thing' being kept very quiet and not disinfo:

David Wilcock is doing his job and calling it as he sees it; well done:

Herein doth Bro Beckow remind us of the off planet help so selflessly gifted to us:

Big Pharma is soon to be called out publicly on it's genocidal business models; So Be It:

And last but not least the truth behind JFK's assassination:

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