Wednesday, July 31, 2019

GaiaPortal: Productions Of Light Come Into Full View

Channelled By ÉirePort On 7-31-19, At 11:11

Productions of Light come into full view.

Participants are called to the Higher Way.

Stalwarts of the normal are set aside.

Farm hands of the Rainbow Path begin their harvest.

Disclosure Digest 8-1-19


I Gots Dem 'Ole Black Super-Moon Blues

Who better to introduce us to this special Super Moon/Gateway than Stephanie Austin, MA:

 Rolling up the unholy Cabal propagating the age old Baal worship as 'family planning'; Yuck:

A surprisingly relevant Morag 8:8 Portal rap follows for the stream-of-channelling folks out there:

Keep Calm and Brexit - Everybody gets their country back from ‘the Crown'; I love it, Boris rocks: 

Time to catch up with Jordan Sather in his new/old garage studio; go Low Overhead Productions:

Brenda sez "Come Out, Come Out, Whoever You Are" and you know who you are; fess up:

Finally telling the truth about overpriced, worthless sheepskins and headless zombie PhD's; grokfest:

The not-so-soft SSP Disclosure is happening even on the lame stream media outlets; see 'our' UFO's:

Please enjoy this live Kryon message on our current planetary situation - long view recommended:

Disclosure Digest 7-31-19

Let's Just Kiss July Goodby

Q+ assassination plots cited by Russian Intel outlet, Sorcha Fal; the hot war in DC goes global:

The 9/11 Dark Spell is finally and for all time officially broken; let full disclosure begin right now:

Quatar rhymes with Cabal; we are looking at another Petro Dollar cut-out of the C_A up to no good:

The Satanic nature of Babylonian/Cabal debt slavery is well covered by Anna von Reitz; grok on:

This abomination can only happen if the Sheeple have 'Eyes Wide Shut'; RIP truth-teller Kubrick:

 Suzanne Maresca from GAoG highlights the shifting attitudes regarding the Orange Man; grokfest:

The international trade in human flesh and blood (dead or alive) is being stopped by POTUS:

Whale 'swallows' sea lion: 'It was a once-in-a-lifetime event' - git sum priceless YouTube footage:
It seems that Blossom is remembering more and more of her night-time Lightship excursions:

WWCC of 9: Diamond Lion's Gate Portal 8/8/2019

Channelled By Magenta Pixie

(This video is available on

Sunday, July 28, 2019

Disclosure Digest 7-28-19

Life Is Good 

In The New Neighborhood

Marilyn Raffaele brings through this Arcturian Group Message for 7/28/19; Trek Yourself...

Morag O'brien goes full 'Ulysses' on this post yet remains refreshingly entertaining; grok on:

Mauna Kea protests have attracted support from all quarters including very large actors; Aloha:

Thus begins the Great Hussein Reveal; expect a lot more in the days to come and enjoy the Show:

Big G thinks it’s Big Brother; time to shut these Clown operations down for good; bite the Apple:

We exit with a deep Bow of Appreciation for your readership and a Creator double-dip; Zei Gezund:

AA Metatron: The Nature Of Light, Angelics And Beings Of The Light Realms

Via James Tyberonn On 7-27-19

Greetings! I am Metatron, Lord of Light!  I am joined in this session by Tyberonn of Crystalline Service.

We encompass each of you in a vector and field of Unconditional Love within coded light. We nurture you, we honor each of you. We know you by heart, by tone, by resonance and name. It has always been so!

And so as 2019 , Year Seven of the New Earth, goes into its final phases, humanity is poised for a renaissance. You are completing an auspicious year, a powerful and transitional time.

The Changes that have taken place since the Planetary Ascension (2012)

In the new energy of 2019 and beyond, the ionic ratio is shifting on the planet. You are being helped to operated in the expansive dimensional access, by solar radiation. The sun is changing. And so is all around you in what is termed the Aquarian Shift.

You are growing into the ability to view other forms of life. Life that has always been present, but not as easy to physically discern prior to this phase. . You are now able to see thru the 3rd Eye, and in some cases, the physical eye, plasmic life forms. These include the Devic and Elemental Kingdoms, lite sprites, thought form orbs and indeed Angelics. We are asked to speak on angelics in this discourse today.

And so we speak on the nature of Light and of the Angelic Beings of Light. And we tell you in emphatic sincerity, you are all, at source, amazing Beings of Divine Light. Angels are indeed, among you. Although humanity are a different expression of life than the Light Beings of the Angelic Realm, when a human ascends, the energy projection is harmonically attuned with the Angelic Resonance, and Angels are frequencially attracted to you.

GaiaPortal: ÉirePort Group Communication

Channelled By ÉirePort On 7-28-19

Greetings from the ÉirePort Group. We felt the time had come to communicate certain essential items for the Hue-manity collective.

As we have explained before, the term "Hue-manity" represents the Rainbow Higher Vibrational collective currently residing on the Planet Earth, or Gaia, who are here to demonstrate and assist the lower vibrational residents (collectively termed, "hu-manity") to raise their Spirit frequency so they have the opportunity to ascend with the Hue-manity collective.

Since our first communication on 5-22-12, significant progress has been observed. hu-manity is now at a point where "major awakenings" for the hu-man collective will occur. Nothing will stop this.

We call upon all who consider themselves part of, and know they are part of, the Hue-manity Gaia group to remain open to Guidance as to their role at this time in assisting those of the hu-man collective.

Your assistance will be key to preparing this planet for the full Ascension Event.

Thank you.

the ÉirePort Group

Saturday, July 27, 2019

Disclosure Digest 7-27-19

The Real Killary Makes

Dr. Strangelove Look Good

In the center ring please give your attention to the Take-Down of the Clinton Crime Family:

 The Deep State is in all military branches of service; we’re watching the Round-Up:

Ironically, he took down the Five Families only to be hamstrung by his own: Oy Gevalt, Rudy:

Pedowood is melting like the Wicked Witch of the North; three articles for your consideration:

C_A bred, Silicon Valley spawned, high tech Franken-corporations are now going to self-destruct:

More weaponized insects being released by DS, time to shut ‘em down; Orange Man on the job:

Sue Lie closes us out with her latest Arcturian channelled message for the Ground Crew; yes You:

Will The Play Go On If We Don't Watch?

 By Suzanne Maresca

Contributing Editor GAoG

While we're still here and having to feed ourselves and pay bills, we actually do need to pay a certain amount of attention to what's happening on the World Stage.

Taking it to a personal level, what we resist persists. When we take Human form in 3rd density, personal wounding happens as a matter of course.

We knew before incarnating that it would be a tough assignment, and we also knew in our etheric bones that we were totally up for it.

This Earth gig is not an easy one, and by now I'm hoping we realize that we wouldn't even be here unless we had everything we needed to get through and successfully complete our respective missions.

That doesn't mean it had all been packed into these biological vessels before the moment of our birth into this reality. We're gifted on this journey with experiences that trigger our own growth and expansion as well as distant collective memory.

Recognizing the challenges we face in our lives as purposeful helps to navigate through them with more grace than if we chose the view that we had nothing to do with it.

Doesn't it feel better to stand in our Power and know that we've always been Co-Creators of our experience in partnership with the Divine?

The triggered memories may not even be strictly from our own experience base, either, or from this lifetime alone. We're so connected to one another that a realization that I or any one of us has today may even influence an aspect of ourselves in another timeline, which in turn, affects every other thing on that timeline.

The intricacies of the Web of Creation are a bit mind-blowing, and there's so much we don't know or understand about reality's nature yet.

Friday, July 26, 2019

Disclosure Digest 7-26-19

Keep Calm 



Ready for Brexit & election? BoJo MASSACRES May's cabinet to install hardline Leavers

The Crown (not the Brits) likes to use weaponized famine on ‘enemies’ like Ireland and Iran: Basta!:

DB going down is BIG; NESARA compliance is virtually here; moar unsealed indictments:

Puerto Rico is kicking out the Cabal puppets in their government; here's two different versions:

This reminds me why I stopped drinking 30 years ago; for your amusement:

This week's Full Frontal Fulford Report via KP, who provides the needed pro-Trump perspective:

Latest Neon article; this Anon continuously produces top quality analysis; Grokfest:

Great half hour video dig on Pedostein/Cabal connections; kudos to KP for this one:

Just imagine you're on a planet with almost 8 billion recovering 3D addicts; get the picture:

Higher Self Message: Easy Ascends It!

By Mike (SaLuSa) Quinsey On 7-26-19

The unsettled countries of Earth continue to sort themselves out, suffering troubles and strife as major changes are often hard to introduce. People become used to a system of management and are reluctant to entertain something different, often fearing the changes that may be necessary. When the obstacles are those who govern some form of confrontation seems inevitable, yet it does not deter the people for holding out for what they want and believe in. It means that conflict is often unavoidable and no matter how long it takes the people will emerge as the victors. Since the New Age commenced in 2012 you are helped by new energy that has taken hold and it is lifting people to a level where ultimately only the truth can exist.

It means that as the vibrations lift up it will dis-empower the lower vibrations that will eventually be unable to continue. It will not create a vacuum as the new energies are bringing out a different and more acceptable way of life. At this time people find it difficult to foresee the outcome not realizing that the old unworkable ways must be replaced if you are to lift up.

Those of you that are ready and awakened to what is being placed before you will be the ones who will show the way forward. The changes are inevitable and Mankind will become more mature and able to handle the responsibilities for introducing them. It will be soon realized how much better off you all are and with it will come a peaceful way of coexistence.

In view of the way things are at present you could be forgiven for thinking that finding a peaceful solution to your problems would be virtually impossible. Yet already the seeds for a peaceful world are growing, and it will manifest in the not too distant future. Help the changes along by promoting peace wherever you go and allow others to see how confident you are. Obviously with peace there are many changes that need to be introduced and be assured that by then the world will be ready for them and adjust very quickly. It is your destiny and you shall see much of it take place in your lifetime. Thoughts come first and are then energized and become your reality.

Disclosure Digest 7-25-17

These People Are Stupid - Q

Here are two recent WhatDoesItMean posts to kick off today's Digest; Muh Roundup Begins:

This is the the Practical Mystic who brought us Waldorf Education and Bio-Dynamic farming:

My Macrobiotically trained spouse swears by the Doctrine of Signatures; such a wise woman:

I like this guy! roll out the ET corpses and tell us what's been going on in CA and NV D.U.M.B.S:

Mauna Mania is getting attention and I fervently and energetically support the Hawaiian Elders:

Nazi Superbugs developed by Paperclip scientists and paid for by our taxes; Awakening Happens:

Thanks to 'SuzAnon' for this very interesting and timely dig on God's Gift; Declass=Legalization:

White Hat Herman Cain puts up a juicy post on Lolita Island; I’m starting to like this guy -KEK:

Gillian is well and home from her Medical Mafia interlude and appears to be in good 'Spirits"

Wednesday, July 24, 2019

The Council: The Change

 Channelled By Ron Head On 7-24-19

There seems to be some lingering question among our readers about whether or not ‘we are actually into the change’ – whether or not you are into what most have come to think of as The Event. Let us explain this. Yes. You are. This is.

Now the changes are many and extremely complicated. The event, like any other, can be broken down into component parts and is therefore a process. Although there will be a climactic happening. Isn’t there always?

We have told you multiple times in these messages that you entered this process when you passed the marker more than six years ago. There has been a distinct ramping up, of energy, of what you may call velocity, of intensity, all of which we have spoken of, have we not?

There are thousands upon thousands of changes required to effect this “Change” that you await. None of the final result can occur until the groundwork has been laid in a myriad of places. There are mental changes, societal changes, technical changes, legal, governmental, physical – and on and on.
So, look around you now. When we said that some time ago, many of you could not see what we spoke of. When you look now, can you not see much of this beginning in earnest?

Disclosre Digest 7-24-19

Fact: Satanic Cabalists Can't MEME

(They have no Sense of Humor that we are aware of...) 

Thanks to Suzanne at GAoG for doing PR for the Mother; a balanced planet is a happy planet:

This lovely channelling by Brenda Hoffman puts an end to all the persistent rumors - We're There:

The Cabal A-Team sent to to destroy POTUS is now exposed to prosecution and the Barr Tab is due:

 It’s an ongoing hot war by military Special Ops teams operating behind the disinformation curtain:

More good news! - The Rothschild death grip on the world's central banks is now officially Broken:

CPS confiscating children like repossessing used cars behind on payments; Big panic in Pedo Park:

This is the Final Lockdown program developed (with Google's help) for Chinese/Cabal Fascists:

Well, if you've been following my blog faithfully then Creator is most likely talking to you: listen-up:

IMHO Blossom is broadcasting from her Mothership while refusing to believe it; stubborn Aussies:

Jesus: Wisdom (your spiritual support team) Offers Gentle Guidance To You At All Times

The signs of humanity’s most wonderful awakening are clearly visible, as ever more choose to engage in contemplative or physical activities to assist in this most marvelous event.  The awakening process is proceeding apace, and there is no one on Earth who remains completely unaware that something of great importance is occurring.  A great release is in progress as much buried or denied anger, resentment, bitterness, and hatred is arising into people’s conscious awareness and shocking them.

There are very few who have not buried or denied aspects of themselves that arose and were acted upon when they believed that they were under attack, physically or psychologically.  These aspects that are not in alignment with your true nature – Love – have to be released because they are effectively the screen or veil which hides your true nature from you, leaving you feeling separated, abandoned, and unloved.

Love is the life force that flows through your human forms, and it is immensely powerful when you allow It access.  You cannot shut It off completely, and you would not want to because death of your human form would follow.  However, your unloving attitudes and beliefs prevent you from having full access to Its enormous power – the power to move mountains!  So you can understand why you have to release these blocks in order for you to awaken, and that is what is happening now all over the world as people find seemingly shocking and unconscionable memories of past thoughts and actions, which they had denied or buried, arising unexpectedly into their awareness.  This brings with it a sense of guilt and shame.  This too must be released.

Tuesday, July 23, 2019

Disclosure Digest 7-23-19

The Divine Feminine 

Is Bustin' Out All Over

 Just remember to always signal before changing timelines and , as always Trust The Plan:

Conspiracy Theorist, Dave Collum, is getting traction with the LSM cuckards for a change;

The great reveal of Hussein’s Muslim Brotherhood roots and affiliations; Allah be praised?:

Muslim Brotherhood Gen-Xers all, these four are starting to rival the Marx Brothers; Oy Vay:

Exploring the loneliness of the long distance, channel surfing, web browsing Q-Anon wanna be:

Neonrevolt rarely disappoints; mega sauce on au courant Bohemian shenanigans in this List:

Mauna Kea protests mount in intensity and arrests, Pele Be Pissed real soon; Momma's not happy:

 Git sum Maui Wowie in the old bong and celebrate with an epic Aloha High! 

Earthquakes, Freedom Codes & Ascension with Sandra Walter, my fave twisted Lemurian Sister:

Sunday, July 21, 2019

Disclosure Digest 7-21-19


Uncovering The Planned Parenthood

Foetal Factory Farming Scam

Everything would be alright again if we only had The Hussein and Michael Show back on re-runs:

Rabbit Hole stuff - Child Un-Protective Services, PP, Pizzagate, Pedostein Island et al; discernment...

Fox News is the only semi-woke news organization we've got on lamestream basic cable; git sum:

The Alliance scalar attack on China Lake was another major blow to the Draco Satanic Cabal:

China Lake was Aquino’s main programming base in the US; good riddance to it and all his works:

SS-Mengele-Green-Aquino; sick Satanic lineage of torture and mind control via Project Paperclip:

Way down the Medieval Rabbit Hole of MK Ultra skull-duggery and abomination; eyes on:

Here is the latest big dig from NeonRevolt; skip the nerdy GAB stuff and go right for the Q-baby:

Morag has some special info on 'the children' whose plight forces the global conversation:

Saturday, July 20, 2019

Disclosure Digest 7-20-19


Luna Is Under New Management

We open with the latest from Matthew; sauce confirmation of my China Lake take; sweetness:

In honor of the 50 yr. anniversary of the Apollo landing, the Moon has gotten new WH management:

Brad Johnson maps out the End of The Kali Yuga; interdasting whiteboard work and no BS:

Teri Wade has some choice words and provocative images for us in her short screed today; git sum:

Today's thick Pedostein Folies bundle; IMHO Trump was never actively involved with this Cult:
---a thorough backstory on sex trafficking/blackmail ring operations; lots of sauce here:
---main/lame-stream media outlets are, ironically, being forced by advertisers to cover the 'juicy' stuff: 
---and Vanity fair;

Pleiadian Science Ships are smudging the whole planet now using TD's own chemtrails; gotta love it:

A Golden Arcturian Oldie from Sue & Co; multiple readings recommended: grok on:

Saul: Now, On Earth, This Awakening Is Ongoing And Unstoppable

There is only The One, Source, Mother/Father/God, into which all are eternally enfolded.  Many terms have been used over the eons in many different cultures in an attempt to describe and even define our Source, and these days either ocean or infinite field of consciousness seem to work for most people.  But no matter what term or sequence of words are used they remain totally inadequate to describe or define what can never be put into words.  Source has to be experienced!  No other way of knowing It or being aware of It has any meaning.  Nevertheless, each and every sentient being has within it – very deep within it – a memory or trace of its divine nature which can never be removed or destroyed, and which will lead the being to choose, in its own time, to awaken to its true Nature, One with Source.

Now, on Earth, this awakening is ongoing and unstoppable.  It was set in motion, as divinely planned, when the collective decision was made by humanity a few short decades ago to awaken, and the process has been exponentially accelerating its rate of progress since then.  Your awakening is very close.  I cannot express it in time because, as you well know, there is only NOW!  But I can tell you that that moment of now, for which you have all been hoping and praying, is approaching very rapidly.

All sentient life is working together harmoniously to bring it to fruition, so despite the seeming worldwide chaos, conflict, and confusion, you will awaken, and your joy will be way beyond your ability to conceive of or imagine because the severe limitations that your human form places upon you enormously reduces your ability to envisage the wonders that lie ahead.

Disclosure Digest 7-19-19

Orange Man Bad Ass!

Sorcha Fal's got her game on with this disclosure piece direct from the halls of the Kremlin:

The Congressional Satanics are truly in a Panic, call in sham exorcism from a Georgetown Jesuit:

This piece will put you off Chicken McNuggets for life; Big Ag's Got Real Bad Karma:

I hear ole' Rudy Giuliani got all misty when this news broke; think Godfather III on steroids:

Dead Bank Failing...nothing to see here, folks, just keep on believing in the old system; Oy:

Another good investigative journalist is uncensored and back online; thanks to Q+:

 We close with a spot-on live Kryon channelling from the old Atlantean Azores; Grokfest fer sure:

Creator Writings: In The Midst Of A Storm

It may feel challenging to be who you are in a time when you are being asked to choose sides.  You will see things from an infinite perspective that those around you may not notice…yet.  Standing in your truth and integrity could very well be one of the most gut-wrenching things you will ever do but, this is exactly what The Universe is asking of you.  If you choose to exist in pure truth, pure intent and pure love, your existence will become a peaceful moment in the midst of a storm.  The world is seeking balance, dear one, and you are a part of that process.  Do not give up! ~ Creator

Thursday, July 18, 2019

Epstein Arrest-The end of Slavery-About JFK junior, Andrew,Clinton, Decl...

I wish those of you who value and look forward to Utsavas videos would show her some Love, in whatever way works for your budget and inclinations. Thanks.

By Utsava On 7-17-19

(This video is available on

Wednesday, July 17, 2019

Disclosure Digest 7-18-19

 The Fall Of Atlantis Explained:

14,000 Years Ago 'Hillary' Won...

Duh! A slow walk to the very edge of the The Pedo-stein Rabbit Hole; bring your Dramamine:

This is a handy little 'Intro to Q' rap for newbies; please be patient with the newly awakening Ones;

KayRej is starting to trim the trolling from his site and seems to have gotten 'the Memo'; congrats:

The Cabal faction pulling the strings in China are themselves just more expendable Clown Puppets:

The slow walking out of the Quantum Financial System is right on track; thanks RT for being You:

RT is one of the only international news agencies actively uncovering the Dark Truths; Right Arm:

Project Paperclip Ticks methinks...I grew up on Long Island and we knew about nasty Plum Island:

Terra Gaia's flora contains all the remedies a human body will ever need, with minimal side effects:

Brenda's Blog be dishin' up some tasty quantum soup these days; Bardo is another word for Limbo: