Friday, July 5, 2019

Disclosure Digest 7-5-19

Wishing HHDL Tenzin Gyatso

An Auspicious 84Th Birthday

Amsterdam's' Me Too' mayor is trying to change 700 years of Red Light 'entertainment'; good luck:

With 45,000 barrels of booze in the creek or up in smoke, US gin mills are flying the flag at half mast:

David rocks! Git sum Reptilian Redux and enjoy the movie; don’t forget to git sum organic popcorn:

While we're talking Reptilians; I believe this fellow died doing what he loved - saving little buddies:

The Epstein case fallout will be taking down the badly behaved high and mighty in very short order:

Reality bites in NM, home to Los Alamos, Sandia Labs, and rampant political corruption: No Bueno:

Nestle is a planetary health hazard to embodied beings and deserves the Orange Wrath; Make It So:

Here's another reason Big Pharma was is so afraid of Cannabis products gaining a legal following:

Creator Sez - you've gotten through another challenging Disclosure Digest, Take a Bow Now:

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