Thursday, July 11, 2019

Dislosure Digest 7-10-19

Look Deeply Into My Eyes...

Le Comte kicks us off with the latest 'Event' Burma-Shave Sign via James McConnell:

Our prolific Anon, NeonRevolt, is tickled rainbow that Q rides the digital range again: grokfest

More delightful articles like this are popping up on the Interweb; Once you know a thing... yada yada:

Remember, nothing that was/is spoon fed to us Sheeple by the Mockingbird Media is of Truth:

Peace is creeping oh so stealthily up on us; can you stand the prospect of a world without conflict:

We are shortly to experience a planetary mid-stream horse change where no one ends up drowning:

Ron Head segues us into Blossom's latest existential romp with the folks from the FOL; for joy:

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