Friday, July 26, 2019

Higher Self Message: Easy Ascends It!

By Mike (SaLuSa) Quinsey On 7-26-19

The unsettled countries of Earth continue to sort themselves out, suffering troubles and strife as major changes are often hard to introduce. People become used to a system of management and are reluctant to entertain something different, often fearing the changes that may be necessary. When the obstacles are those who govern some form of confrontation seems inevitable, yet it does not deter the people for holding out for what they want and believe in. It means that conflict is often unavoidable and no matter how long it takes the people will emerge as the victors. Since the New Age commenced in 2012 you are helped by new energy that has taken hold and it is lifting people to a level where ultimately only the truth can exist.

It means that as the vibrations lift up it will dis-empower the lower vibrations that will eventually be unable to continue. It will not create a vacuum as the new energies are bringing out a different and more acceptable way of life. At this time people find it difficult to foresee the outcome not realizing that the old unworkable ways must be replaced if you are to lift up.

Those of you that are ready and awakened to what is being placed before you will be the ones who will show the way forward. The changes are inevitable and Mankind will become more mature and able to handle the responsibilities for introducing them. It will be soon realized how much better off you all are and with it will come a peaceful way of coexistence.

In view of the way things are at present you could be forgiven for thinking that finding a peaceful solution to your problems would be virtually impossible. Yet already the seeds for a peaceful world are growing, and it will manifest in the not too distant future. Help the changes along by promoting peace wherever you go and allow others to see how confident you are. Obviously with peace there are many changes that need to be introduced and be assured that by then the world will be ready for them and adjust very quickly. It is your destiny and you shall see much of it take place in your lifetime. Thoughts come first and are then energized and become your reality.

Dear Ones, we know that patience has been asked of you many times and yet again it is most important, as a degree of calmness is needed to get through the present times. The prize is peace and happiness and is yours to take and enjoy, so whatever effort and determination you put into achieving success it will ultimately be rewarded. We of the higher realms see the whole picture, so whilst we talk of events to come it may sound as though they are much nearer than they actually are. However, we do see the potential and know that exactly when and how it comes into manifestation is very much up to you. The more of you who focus on a positive future the quicker it will come about.

The Earth is the focus of a lot of attention and in recent times it has increased because of how near you are to ascending. It has to come as so many of you are ready to do so and in the context of the last cycle that you have passed, you have much outside help to ensure that you do so. Ascension of souls who are ready is at any time one of great celebrations, as we know only too well how much you have gone through to reach this final surge to completion. It is a great accomplishment with yet a final feat by ascending in your physical body. Naturally it will change in the course of going through, so that it is in accord with the higher vibrations. What an experience that will be, and it will be echoed all through the Universe.

Do you begin to understand that you are special in our eyes, as you will have achieved a goal that was thought to be too much for you? Not only that you have come through with “flying colors” and exceeded expectations, you will have achieved a marker that will be recalled many times. You will have realized by now that there is absolutely nothing to fear, indeed it will be a great fulfilling experience that you will feel privileged to have taken part in. With our assurances you can look forward to an exciting experience that you have well earned.

The question often seems to arise regarding as to who will ascend, as those families and friends that feel close to one another would like to be assured that they will all ascend together. On balance the likelihood is that close groups of any kind will most likely stay together, but it must be remembered that souls are not necessarily on an equal level when it comes to spiritual advancement but it is recognizable to us, yet some souls may defer their opportunity to ascend for personal reasons, that may well include a loyalty to their close ones and it will be honored. When you are in the higher levels It is of course possible to still connect with others who have not yet ascended, and where a love link is concerned it will always be possible to keep in contact.

When you look around and see other souls playing out their roles bear in mind that you are not seeing them in full, as when incarnating on Earth you only need the skills or attributes that are necessary to fulfill your life plan. In the course of hundreds of lifetimes you have virtually done it all, and seen it all yet with each life further progress is made, even if sometimes it is two steps forwards and one step backwards.

Your life plan is such that you have every opportunity to advance by your experiences, but as you must know by now there will always be another chance should you fail. Believe us, you get so much help to be successful, and if you would only listen to your intuition or Higher Self you are guaranteed success as the vibrations continue to lift up, and you will find that it becomes easier to achieve a clear contact with the higher realms.

I leave you with Love and Blessings, and may the Light brighten your days and Path to Completion.

This message comes through my Higher Self, my God Self, and every soul has the same connection to God.

In Love and Light.

Mike Quinsey.

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