Monday, July 8, 2019

Shift Update: Andromedean Transmission

Via Morag O'Brien On 7-7-19

Welcome brothers and sisters to our message of hope, freedom and transformation! We are your neighbors from the Andromedan Galaxy. The Timelines are stabilizing. The Anchoring of Divine Feminine energies has happened. Phase 4 the Great Clearing has passed it’s first hurdle. Programs were successfully Uploaded. Downloads are integrated. Communication networks are activated. Gaia Quantum Leaps to the next level.

It has taken many Earth years of Light work by Volunteers, Travelers, Healers and Shamans to awaken humanity to its own Divinity. Celebrations ripple out among your allies in star systems across the multi-verse, in awe and gratitude for all that has already been accomplished on Gaia. We are so very deeply moved by each and every one of you. Your solidarity, strength and surrender to Creator Light Consciousness has lit up the Cosmos!

We understand you are curious for more details about us. We are highly advanced in our energetic technologies; we use telepathic and telekinetic ones. We live on five planets within our Galaxy, using Quantum Technology to move between planets. We describe ourselves as Andromedan, although we may have been birthed on one of the five planets, each has its own name and cultural identity, as you would say.

We live for 900 to 1000 human years, our childhood being 200 years long. We subscribe to your term ‘it takes a tribe to raise a child’. We no longer birth as mammals, although very far back in our history we did. We are not genetically modified in anyway. Our natural evolution has favored upright mammalian two legs, two arms, spine and head formation [the Star Body].

We are taller than humans and generally have similar body shapes as our physical composition is generic. We do not eat, the way humans do, we imbue our forms with Chi energy. We have mouths, noses and eyes, although our main sense is our third eye, Pineal Gland. We communicate a-morphically, this means we use expression, managed though pathways, colors and images to relate to each other and our world.

We are creative and we are thinkers. We identify as Light Beings in an organic body. We are deeply spiritual; our whole existence is built on the energetic waves of healing Love. We view Gaia’s human population as our little brothers and sisters. We love and very dearly care for the people of Earth.

Now to you. The Arcturian High Command are overseeing Phase 4 of Gaia’s Ascension. The Arcturians are a highly advanced Light Warrior species. They are the Seeders of humanity and many other beings. They are Overseers of Dimensional Harmony and Balance. Their knowledge is immense, as are their ships. They currently have two Motherships stationed within Earth’s biosphere, one is stationary over the Atlantic.

The Arcturians have been tracking, monitoring and watching the Annunaki for eons, theirs is an a-symbiotic existence on lower [4D[ realms of the perpetual imbalance of good and evil. The Arcturian High Command arrived recently, bringing in depth knowledge of how to dismantle the Annunaki Datk Web Command and Control System attached to Humanities Consciousness. We have been holding down the fort if you like, managing the Ascension from a non-interference perspective, as much as was possible. For truly Humanity must break Her chains Herself for authentic raising of the vibrations to occur.
As Assimilation rolls out in Earth Year 2019, the mergence of lower and Higher Selves, first in Volunteers, Starseed and Lightworkers, then across the general population, is awakening the collective consciousness to Memory. The Annunaki use DNA modification technologies, to lock down memory into loops. This prevents growth, reflection, learning and inner understanding. Knitted into ancestral memory, these loops affect your present experience through long term bloodline modifications, locking people into repetitive negative cycles that self-propagate increasing negativity.

A virus inserted into your motherboards has been blocking any expansion of consciousness. Indigenous populations who hid, or resisted the sabotage, retain Ancestral Memory in language and art, telling tales of other-dimensional spaces. Ancestral Memory of Gaia and Her magical relationship with the Cosmos is woven into their Collective Dreamstate.

Resistance to the Annunaki infiltration can be documented back through human history in myth and legend. Anything sanctified by the cabal rulers is inversion of truth and projection of deceit. Human hearts have always sought alignment with Gaia. Human souls walk in tandem with Gaia. So it was and so it will be again.

The Annunaki work with Archons, astral entities, parasites, who roam the forth realm seeking pleasure from the third dimension. Shamanic soul retrieval is the reunification of soul within each human, the reemergence of wholeness. Memory loops are engineered in a deadly combination of Annunaki genetic modification sciences and Archon energetic viruses. Soul retrieval has been ongoing on a vast scale, many Lightworkers on Gaia have been active in this process during Dreamtime. We are going to further break this down for you, we trust only those safe with our words will proceed.

The Archon are ancient, older than time itself. The stories in your holy books of Fallen Angels, resisting Divine Creation for material pleasures, are Truth in its very Essence. The process was at once scientific and Angelic. For All is the Divine synergy of mathematics and Source Light. We digress.

There was an individual who made a choice, his choice was to focus all his intention and energy on maintaining chaos cycles in the third realm. War, deprivation and depravity in lower realms[3/4D] offer an infinite feeding ground for those who nourish themselves on fear and darkness. He  [The Dark One] believes he is playing a Divine role as a Creator of Chaos, a necessary and Divine Balance to the Creator Light. His armies are vast and dimensionally reach the known galaxies still vibrating in lower realm frequencies. He is in His own way a kind of god, for he has done what he said he would do, created Chaos Dimensions through a relentless reign of terror. This is his mission.

His people are the Annunaki, or the Lizard People as you have called them. Reptilian in features and nature, they are cold, low vibrational beings whose emotional frequency spectrum is very limited. They have over developed hierarchical systems to compensate for their lack of creativity and, well, Mojo, as you would say. Their chosen path is one of greed, envy, hate, sexual depravity and fear. They live on fear frequencies, they perpetuate fear vibrations and they feed off fear vibrations.

There is a negative energetic cycle of death and destruction to what they do. Their allies, albeit reluctantly, are the Archons. The Archons are Astral [4D] Entities who feed off of material plane generated energies. No one knows who came first, the Annunaki or the Archonsl the Annunaki may have birthed the Archons in sacrificial black rituals. Certainly on Earth this is what has happened. 'Curses' have a consciousness but no body. They attach to the bloodline they were targeted for and cling to that bloodline for hundreds of years. These are what we call attached Ancestral Entities. They perpetuate negative thought and behavior cycles in their ' possession' of the ancestral individual.

Again we digress, there is much to tell you and we find the constraints of written language challenging as we communicate in thought resonance. Bare with us Star Siblings of Light!

And so to the infusion of the Light Matrix to the remnants of the Annunaki engineered 3d Matrix; the material plane operates within quantum fields and this means it is dynamic, it adapts and responds to its environment. It is AI generated and Astrally fueled [by Loosh] in an uneasy relationship between flesh and cold-blooded Annunaki (and their AI technologies) and the Archon Negative Energy Field/Web. The Astral exists in the Fourth Realm.

Whilst humanity was locked into the Third Realm Matrix the Astral Dimension was very faint. Only a small number of Seers in each generation could peer through the veils between the Third and Fourth Realms. Edgar Cayce was one such Seer, as was Nostradamus. We, the Andromedans, have communicated with Seers as part of our role as Watchers. We have Enlightened them and we have observed their perspectives on human evolution.

The Annunaki have also connected with Seers, they use the Archons [Djin] to 'possess' Seers and they subject seers to investigation, experimentation and mind-control programming. Some of your greatest musicians, artists and scientists have been Seers;  many fell at the hands of Dark Enemies. The drip feeding of dense energies through individuals like Allister Crowley helped ensure a perpetual cycle of demonic sacrificial ritual and possession. Inversion is a base algorithm to ensure the Matrix was ruthless and flexible. However, we are happy to say much of the machinery we just described is being disarmed.

The Light Matrix was begun in earnest in late 2014, Earth Tme. Many Lightworkers stationed on Earth have been 'weaving' the Light Matrix in Dreamtime. Gradually increasing Solar cycles and temporal plasticity, has ensured that Lightweaving from the material plane has been perpetual since 2014. Your experience of the metamorphic assimilation of lower and Higher Selves begins with changes to sleep experience, to accommodate this highly skilled work. Waking up between 3am and 5am is your lunch break if you like!

We observe you are able to light weave for 3-5 hours human sleep then require a break, rest and often sustenance. (Not all who wake up between these hours are Lightweavers, this is also a key of spiritual awakening, returning to dimensional awareness). Light weaving from the material plane works best when the matrix is sleeping, when its static, toxic and dense energies are turned down. The energetic space afforded whilst the city, town, village sleeps is where light matrix weaving is at its maximum. Lightweaving commences when you return to Dreamstate. Many have experienced extreme exhaustion during daylight hours as a result, further propelling you to simplify your avatar’s life.

The higher self is active in the awakening on higher planes. Your physical presence on the Gaia plane is required to anchor higher vibrations to the biosphere fields of locked down frequencies. As assimilation takes root, many of you are becoming conscious of the work your higher self is doing for the awakening. Memories of remote viewing, of being part of in depth communications, receiving uploads and processing data slide into your waking hours. This is creating a discombobulating effect on your experience of the material plane. If you are not daily grounding to Gaia there is a risk you may lose your footing.

Slipping off dimensional planes onto other realms is a hazard of learning to jump frequency wavelengths, as some of you are doing. Dark astral planes where humanity has manifest its apocalypse, its cursed lands and seas, its demons are in the driving seat. These are not good dimensions to fall into. Some Lightwarriors have chosen to walk into these spaces on the material plane, to reach out to the tormented souls being dragged down onto perpetual turmoil and trauma. If our words resonate we urge you ritualize Lightcraft into your lives. To be fully accountable for your Spiritual Equilibrium by consciously rising to higher vibratory fields.

We recommend Nature, laughter and gratitude as an immediate hit of Light frequencies to jack you back up into the Higher Dimensions. Some are Weaving the Light Matrix in waking hours as well. Meditating, releasing your spirit consciously to the spiritual realms to aid faster Weaving and Light Anchoring on Terra Gaia. We commend you all for your resistance to the Dark Energies of the Matrix, and to your joyous commitment to the #GreatAwakening on Gaia.

As foretold in the Prophecies of 2019 Timelines, the Illusions will shatter. The gag was lifted when Divine Feminine energies anchored. A benchmark that meant Gaia and her Travelers could not slip back down into the apocalyptic dimensions of the Third Realm. You are secure now, anchored in the Fourth Realm.

The Fourth Realm isn’t solid in its matter like the Third. It is Energetic/Electric. There is no hiding behind Matrix masks in the Fourth Realm. The veils are so thin even the most committed Sleeper notices the Shadows, synchronicities, blocks and alignments of the fourth realm. Seers are learning to be trans-dimensional, to consciously inhabit the varying dimensional Realms they can see or hear or sense. The Fourth Realm is the Sea of Transition.

The Archons amass their armies here, they operate from the Fourth Realm. The Annunaki technologies enable them to travel between the Third and Fourth Realms, although their preference is the Material Plane of the Third. They like things to be boxed, controlled, matter to be solid, malleable to manipulate and engineer. Their coding glitches in the Fourth. This switch in the power dynamic between the Annunaki and the Archons is why there is so much tension among your joint enemies. For many eons the Archons were necessary astral parasites to keep the whole Anunaki matrix framework operating.

Now the Archon have the upper hand as this is their territory. The Annunaki have secured some dimensional timelines due to to sustained Apocalyptic and Demonic programming of the population to ensure manifestation of fear states. However these Dimensions are very underpopulated, only the most traumatized or evil are fully existing there. A large number of people who have been hooked by Annunaki toxins are traversing between the Dimensional lines of Hell Earth and Fourth Realm Transiting Earth. Please understand we are simplifying complex esoteric knowledge without the aid of telepathy.

The Fourth Realm is humanities current energetic Field. The Third Dimension cannot contain Goddess Vibrations. When Divine Feminine Energies anchored in the collective conscious in April 2019, the second Great Shift began (2012 was the First Great Shift in humanities collective consciousness). Energetically this second Trinity Light Gateway aligned with the 2.7.19 Solar Eclipse. The 16/17th July Partial Lunar Eclipse is the midway point, Closure will occur with the passing of Shadow Planet Mercury’s Retrograde on 1st August. This Second Gateway is the middle point in the 2019 Shift. A Portal of Divine Feminine Healing.

We see the energetic Tectonic Plates of your collective consciousness shifting, it is truly awe inspiring to observe. With each new Wave of Light, we observe sparks of Enlightened Thought. Harmony of Divine Masculine and Feminine has been birthed in the Consciousness Field of Humanity.

This Gateway is the opportunity to solidify the changes you manifest and created during the First Trinity Super Moon Gateway. Upset and disruption, ancestral karmic clearing and recalibration of the last few months have positioned you for this Second Gateway. As the Light frequencies flood your Mind-Body-Spirit Beings in high vibrations, consciously fill up your cup. The strength each of you has shown to get this far is magnificent.

Lightworkers, Healers, Seers, Travelers, Volunteers and Awakened Ones are manifesting the New Earth in their hearts, thoughts and deeds. We see it take shape on multiple timelines! It is green, indigo, glowing, fruitful, abundant and joyful. The seas are cleaned, the air is regenerated to Cosmic Truth, not biosphere engineering. The lands are tenderly nurtured and a symbiotic relationship of harmony and abundance is being established. The years of clearing are tremendously tumultuous and traumatic, we see sparks of fear, despair, pain and depression emanate from all Awakened Souls as you face the supposed enormity of the task ahead of you.

Know this Healers of Gaia. The process will be faster, easier and more efficient than you can yet visualize. Once the Elite Puppets of the Annunaki are toppled the canvas can be cleared. A power surge of advanced technologies, already in existence but kept secret by your greedy governments, will revolutionize how quickly and thoroughly you will be able to clear the debris of the consumption matrix programs.

We ask that you hold close to your hearts images of an advanced human civilization, living in harmony with Nature and the Cosmos. We ask you continue to manifest a better world in your thoughts, words and deeds. You are rewiring the way people think and we can see this as ripples of light on an ocean of darkness. The Light travels further and deeper each time you breathe Love, Compassion and Hope for yourselves and your world.

Timelines fluctuate, flickering in and out of existence like feathers on a breeze; stabilize them in Light frequencies. We see Divine Creator Manifestation awaken in the hearts of humanity. We watch in humility and awe as the Awakening of people in turn births new realities, fresh timelines of peace, wonder, magic and abundance.

We offer you the World, the opportunity to join us in Inter-Galactic exploration, growth and evolution. It’s an incredible multi-verse of vast knowledge, experiences and potential. We look forward to the day we meet, or get some 'face-time', as you would say!

In Light and Love Star Beings, your loyal and humble friends,
The Andromedeans

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