Saturday, July 20, 2019

Disclosure Digest 7-19-19

Orange Man Bad Ass!

Sorcha Fal's got her game on with this disclosure piece direct from the halls of the Kremlin:

The Congressional Satanics are truly in a Panic, call in sham exorcism from a Georgetown Jesuit:

This piece will put you off Chicken McNuggets for life; Big Ag's Got Real Bad Karma:

I hear ole' Rudy Giuliani got all misty when this news broke; think Godfather III on steroids:

Dead Bank Failing...nothing to see here, folks, just keep on believing in the old system; Oy:

Another good investigative journalist is uncensored and back online; thanks to Q+:

 We close with a spot-on live Kryon channelling from the old Atlantean Azores; Grokfest fer sure:

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