Saturday, July 27, 2019

Will The Play Go On If We Don't Watch?

 By Suzanne Maresca

Contributing Editor GAoG

While we're still here and having to feed ourselves and pay bills, we actually do need to pay a certain amount of attention to what's happening on the World Stage.

Taking it to a personal level, what we resist persists. When we take Human form in 3rd density, personal wounding happens as a matter of course.

We knew before incarnating that it would be a tough assignment, and we also knew in our etheric bones that we were totally up for it.

This Earth gig is not an easy one, and by now I'm hoping we realize that we wouldn't even be here unless we had everything we needed to get through and successfully complete our respective missions.

That doesn't mean it had all been packed into these biological vessels before the moment of our birth into this reality. We're gifted on this journey with experiences that trigger our own growth and expansion as well as distant collective memory.

Recognizing the challenges we face in our lives as purposeful helps to navigate through them with more grace than if we chose the view that we had nothing to do with it.

Doesn't it feel better to stand in our Power and know that we've always been Co-Creators of our experience in partnership with the Divine?

The triggered memories may not even be strictly from our own experience base, either, or from this lifetime alone. We're so connected to one another that a realization that I or any one of us has today may even influence an aspect of ourselves in another timeline, which in turn, affects every other thing on that timeline.

The intricacies of the Web of Creation are a bit mind-blowing, and there's so much we don't know or understand about reality's nature yet.

The rules have changed.  Until the new rule handbook comes out, I reckon it's best to be fluid in our understandings of what is so.

Whatever else may be in the picture for us, we always are responsible for our own behavior.  Following The Four Agreements will be as important as ever.  Briefly ~

-Always do your best
-Be impeccable with your word
-Take nothing personally
-Make no assumptions  (1)

It's exciting to contemplate and practice exercising our innate powers of manifestation without the restrictions we've had before.  Noticing and being grateful for the synchronicities that take place helps to bring more such wonderment into our experience.

It truly is on us to do the personal work of addressing the wounds we carry over from whatever source or event(s) in our lives. If we see that work as too painful, using our energy instead to suppress the troubling emotions, not only do the feelings not go anywhere...they can and often do grow larger.

Spirit always has a way to get our attention, though, and if we ignore the tap on the shoulder, maybe next time it'll be a more urgent reminder.

Best be receptive to the nudges, in my experience.  And I wonder if ignoring the outer world we live in might also eventually bring an unexpected, sudden and potentially overwhelming flood of truth.

For some, a simple acceptance that there's a war on for control of Humanity is enough.  We each get to decide the speed and depth of our own unique assimilation of information.

We've also learned throughout our individual journeys that what we give our attention to grows larger in our experience. So do we follow the news with discernment or do we feel that we're more able to do our energy work if we remain consciously unaware?

When we withdraw from learning whatever new thing has developed on the World Stage, are we helping it to go away? If we ignore it, does that make it then irrelevant to our experience?

Matt Kahn opines that unless a thing is in our immediate surrounding, it doesn't exist for us. I wonder, though, if being passive about how Humanity has been (as my dear friend loves to say),”rid hard and put up wet” gives the message that it's okay to have manipulated the whole of Humanity for service-to-self reasons.

Maybe it's different for each of us, because we all do have a role to play. It's okay to be fierce if that's what we came here to be. In fact, it may feel positively necessary to be so.

Anger has a Sacred Purpose just as any other powerful Human emotion. It alerts us to transgressions which we can then make choices around and take action on.

I've noticed that when we post anything that suggests that U.S. President Donald Trump is doing good and necessary work, people write in with both joy and anger in response.

I get the joy, but the anger escapes me. When we're faced with information contrary to what we thought we knew, what we've grown comfortable believing, and we reject it for exactly that reason, it becomes a self-imposed limitation.

I'm feeling pretty done with limitation, myself. What if it's really true that Trump is part of a plan forged by a Patriotic Alliance with the long game in mind, to finally extricate the world from the grip of actual evil?  Do we really want to discount that notion because of the people involved and how we feel about them?

Many are starting to consider that it might be exactly that way. The evidence, when one follows Q and declines to consume the narrative that the MSM tries ever more desperately to feed us, is actually quite compelling.

Back to the question of whether to pay attention to what's happening here or not to.... It's a totally individual choice.

I delve as deeply as I want to, and sometimes further than I want when a picture pops up that I wish I never saw.

We seem to be growing in both awareness and sensitivity as all the nastiness is being exposed. There are actually people who participate in harmful and destructive occult practices that anyone else would find absolutely repulsive and beyond imagining.

No sense in denying it, but one needn't dive into that dark pool to simply know that it's one of the powers in play on our planet.

Even though we know that these exposures are vital to the generating of a resounding collective, “NO!”, it can be shattering to learn of what's been taking place for much of Earth's history. That such things occur at all in our world just makes my daughter and I want to get the heck out of Dodge.

We all do need to keep in mind, though, that this is our world.  We're taking it back Now, and our Light is needed here more than ever.  This stuff has almost always been going's just Now that we get to address it and be the Warriors of Light that we came here to be.

And  my wise offspring also made a point to say that in this world of duality, the fact that the darkest of evil exists here also means that the Lightest and most Divine does as well.  That would be All of Us, and more...

The key to being in both worlds for me is to be both a participant and observer of what's going on, and also to embrace the fact that I specifically came back to the planet this time around to help with the Ascension process.

Information like this, for me, has come in as guidance received over time as a result of a committed daily practice of stillness and meditation.

If we take in troubling information and find that it brings us to keep on chewing and stewing on it, it's best to take notice of that and realize that at some point, our powerful emotions will start feeding the negativity.

We can allow whatever feelings to come up and then let them pass...not to dwell there for long.  Which brings us then to clearing ourselves after a dive into being upset over whatever.  There's loads of information about doing that which is available online, but I have a personal share....

Funny story ~ My 85-year-old Dad was ready to leave his toxic marriage, and my two sisters and I spent August and September of that year extricating him and a hoarded lifetime collection from his home of 30 years.

His marital  relationship wasn't the only toxic thing around to clear up, and we ended up using gas masks to work inside the house to keep from getting sick.

It was dirty, smelly work, and an hour's drive twice each day. By the time we got back to my house at the end of every sweaty, awful workday...we well and truly were in need of an attitude adjustment.

I'd seen a YouTube video of a lovely young woman suggesting a few different ways to raise one's frequency.  The tips I remembered about it at the time were to laugh a lot, move the body or go outside.

Our need was great, so we decided to do all three by going out on the back deck and doing jumping jacks while forcing ourselves to laugh! You can imagine we didn't have to force it for long... the entire load of tension built up from a tough and dirty day just dissolved in our mirthful giggling.  And so we discovered ~

Joy is the antidote to whatever this world can dish out!

Smudging helps, too.


(1)  Don Miguiel Ruiz, The Four Agreements at

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