Tuesday, July 23, 2019

Disclosure Digest 7-23-19

The Divine Feminine 

Is Bustin' Out All Over

 Just remember to always signal before changing timelines and , as always Trust The Plan:

Conspiracy Theorist, Dave Collum, is getting traction with the LSM cuckards for a change;

The great reveal of Hussein’s Muslim Brotherhood roots and affiliations; Allah be praised?:

Muslim Brotherhood Gen-Xers all, these four are starting to rival the Marx Brothers; Oy Vay:

Exploring the loneliness of the long distance, channel surfing, web browsing Q-Anon wanna be:

Neonrevolt rarely disappoints; mega sauce on au courant Bohemian shenanigans in this List:

Mauna Kea protests mount in intensity and arrests, Pele Be Pissed real soon; Momma's not happy:

 Git sum Maui Wowie in the old bong and celebrate with an epic Aloha High!

Earthquakes, Freedom Codes & Ascension with Sandra Walter, my fave twisted Lemurian Sister:

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