Wednesday, July 17, 2019

Disclosure Digest 7-18-19

 The Fall Of Atlantis Explained:

14,000 Years Ago 'Hillary' Won...

Duh! A slow walk to the very edge of the The Pedo-stein Rabbit Hole; bring your Dramamine:

This is a handy little 'Intro to Q' rap for newbies; please be patient with the newly awakening Ones;

KayRej is starting to trim the trolling from his site and seems to have gotten 'the Memo'; congrats:

The Cabal faction pulling the strings in China are themselves just more expendable Clown Puppets:

The slow walking out of the Quantum Financial System is right on track; thanks RT for being You:

RT is one of the only international news agencies actively uncovering the Dark Truths; Right Arm:

Project Paperclip Ticks methinks...I grew up on Long Island and we knew about nasty Plum Island:

Terra Gaia's flora contains all the remedies a human body will ever need, with minimal side effects:

Brenda's Blog be dishin' up some tasty quantum soup these days; Bardo is another word for Limbo:

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