Monday, July 15, 2019

Disclosure Digest 7-15-19


Welcome To The Capricorn-Cancer 

Full Moon/Lunar Eclipse Sandwich

Who better to introduce us to the intricacies of this powerful Eclipse cycle than Stephanie Austin:

The global warming scam run by the Dark Hats is finally getting debunked by authentic science:

This is a Big Dig from NeonRevolt on the roots of the Pedo-stein Predicament; Grokfest y'all:

I think POTUS will start Star Fleet recruitment sometime this summer; Trek yourself,,,yada yada:

KejRaj (KayRe) at Era Of Light does some nice re-caps about once a week; for example:

That roaring sound you hear is the toppling over of major predatory corporations; Ándale, Ándale!:

The global RICO dragnet pulls ever tighter and Team Dark is systematically asset-stripped; For Joy:

Circular firing squad anyone? The fall of Deutsche Bank is the death knell for all central banks:

Blossom is getting along much better with her Folks-In-The-Rafters these days; here's her latest:

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