Friday, July 26, 2019

Disclosure Digest 7-25-17

These People Are Stupid - Q

Here are two recent WhatDoesItMean posts to kick off today's Digest; Muh Roundup Begins:

This is the the Practical Mystic who brought us Waldorf Education and Bio-Dynamic farming:

My Macrobiotically trained spouse swears by the Doctrine of Signatures; such a wise woman:

I like this guy! roll out the ET corpses and tell us what's been going on in CA and NV D.U.M.B.S:

Mauna Mania is getting attention and I fervently and energetically support the Hawaiian Elders:

Nazi Superbugs developed by Paperclip scientists and paid for by our taxes; Awakening Happens:

Thanks to 'SuzAnon' for this very interesting and timely dig on God's Gift; Declass=Legalization:

White Hat Herman Cain puts up a juicy post on Lolita Island; I’m starting to like this guy -KEK:

Gillian is well and home from her Medical Mafia interlude and appears to be in good 'Spirits"

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