Saturday, July 13, 2019

Disclosure Digest 7-13-19

Freewheelin' Frank Sez:

It's now officially 'Off The Charts Intense' here planet-side on Terra Gaia; hug a tree:

Long withheld Galactic technologies are going to solve all of our environmental problems: 

More blatant Rockefeller genocidal bad science teams up with the Bill and Melinda Gates sociopaths:

Cancer Maps and Glyphosate - Zach Bush MD - Farmer’s Footprint Behind the Scenes; Grokfest:

Corrupt judiciary is being exposed wherever you look; MSM forced to cover the truth; Yay:

Asset siezures a-plenty oh yeah; Humanitie's Trust Fund grows exponentially; git sum:

Follow the money, follow the wives and follow the stream of great Executive Orders:

Creator plays us on out of the Sanctuary on the Hammond B-3 organ; Can I get an Amen?:

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