Thursday, July 4, 2019

Disclosure Digest 7-4-19


Cheerful Independence (From

Team Dark) Day!!! 

 Odd that some of the best coverage of our 4Th of July comes from English news organizations:

Let the Sneaker Wars begin as Nike finds out just what public approbation really means:

 Yup, sonny, there's gold in them thar algorithms and ya mine 'em with those computer-thingies:

Morag uses real paragraphs and punctuation when she does a guest journalist spot for in5D:

Google, the C_A cut-out, sock puppet lame excuse for total mind control, is in deep doo-doo:

 Let's not forget the major trouble Facebook is in; Cuckerberg's birth name is Greenberg b.t.w.:

We close with a Galactic View of the recent Solar Eclipse; Enjoy the Holiday:

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