Monday, July 1, 2019

Disclosure Digest 6-30-19

Here Come The BOOMS

Stephanie Austin, MA, gives us the Astrological skinny on the coming July Eclipse fireworks;

Jon Rappoport exposes the demise of the Mockingbird Media news anchor as purveyor of disinfo:

NeonRevolt nails it again; start getting ready for SSP full disclosure coming soon to your iPhone:

Boeing is an intrinsically evil and corrupt deep state corporate cut-out for the Secret Space Programs:

This is one savvy Dutchman doing a great job of prepping the open-minded prior to NESARA: 

The demise of the C_a Clown corporations is upon us and not a minute too soon; bad seed begone:

Saul, my fave Galacti-Jew, rocks Sheepledom once again with a blast of utter veracity; Grok Sum:

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