Wednesday, July 31, 2019

Disclosure Digest 8-1-19


I Gots Dem 'Ole Black Super-Moon Blues

Who better to introduce us to this special Super Moon/Gateway than Stephanie Austin, MA:

 Rolling up the unholy Cabal propagating the age old Baal worship as 'family planning'; Yuck:

A surprisingly relevant Morag 8:8 Portal rap follows for the stream-of-channelling folks out there:

Keep Calm and Brexit - Everybody gets their country back from ‘the Crown'; I love it, Boris rocks: 

Time to catch up with Jordan Sather in his new/old garage studio; go Low Overhead Productions:

Brenda sez "Come Out, Come Out, Whoever You Are" and you know who you are; fess up:

Finally telling the truth about overpriced, worthless sheepskins and headless zombie PhD's; grokfest:

The not-so-soft SSP Disclosure is happening even on the lame stream media outlets; see 'our' UFO's:

Please enjoy this live Kryon message on our current planetary situation - long view recommended:

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