Thursday, July 4, 2019

Disclosure Digest 7-3-19

Big Wheel A Keep

On Turnin'...

The word is out in the EU that Bayer/Monsanto is the Devil's work; time to divest the rest:

Big Ag's poisonous foods are a threat no our national security, not to mention individual longevity:

Ben doesn't give POTUS any credit for being a Stable Genius but he will soon see the Light:

Lots of major clearing going on in this Eclipse Sandwich; Suzanne helps put things into perspective:

Morag chimes in on the follies; this time as a stringer for the good folks at In5D - Grokfest:

Waking Times is all over the 5G worldwide implosion; good news Hue-manity not so much for [TD]:

Blossom does her best to avoid 'Exploding Head Syndrome' while bringing in this latest message:

Some of you grok Adronis and for you we present his latest Earth Affairs Update via Brad Johnson:

I used to think Memory Seed Atoms were acquired from the garden supply folks; not so sez Ronna:

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