Saturday, July 20, 2019

Disclosure Digest 7-20-19


Luna Is Under New Management

We open with the latest from Matthew; sauce confirmation of my China Lake take; sweetness:

In honor of the 50 yr. anniversary of the Apollo landing, the Moon has gotten new WH management:

Brad Johnson maps out the End of The Kali Yuga; interdasting whiteboard work and no BS:

Teri Wade has some choice words and provocative images for us in her short screed today; git sum:

Today's thick Pedostein Folies bundle; IMHO Trump was never actively involved with this Cult:
---a thorough backstory on sex trafficking/blackmail ring operations; lots of sauce here:
---main/lame-stream media outlets are, ironically, being forced by advertisers to cover the 'juicy' stuff: 
---and Vanity fair;

Pleiadian Science Ships are smudging the whole planet now using TD's own chemtrails; gotta love it:

A Golden Arcturian Oldie from Sue & Co; multiple readings recommended: grok on:

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