Wednesday, July 24, 2019

Disclosre Digest 7-24-19

Fact: Satanic Cabalists Can't MEME

(They have no Sense of Humor that we are aware of...) 

Thanks to Suzanne at GAoG for doing PR for the Mother; a balanced planet is a happy planet:

This lovely channelling by Brenda Hoffman puts an end to all the persistent rumors - We're There:

The Cabal A-Team sent to to destroy POTUS is now exposed to prosecution and the Barr Tab is due:

 It’s an ongoing hot war by military Special Ops teams operating behind the disinformation curtain:

More good news! - The Rothschild death grip on the world's central banks is now officially Broken:

CPS confiscating children like repossessing used cars behind on payments; Big panic in Pedo Park:

This is the Final Lockdown program developed (with Google's help) for Chinese/Cabal Fascists:

Well, if you've been following my blog faithfully then Creator is most likely talking to you: listen-up:

IMHO Blossom is broadcasting from her Mothership while refusing to believe it; stubborn Aussies:

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