Sunday, July 21, 2019

Disclosure Digest 7-21-19


Uncovering The Planned Parenthood

Foetal Factory Farming Scam

Everything would be alright again if we only had The Hussein and Michael Show back on re-runs:

Rabbit Hole stuff - Child Un-Protective Services, PP, Pizzagate, Pedostein Island et al; discernment...

Fox News is the only semi-woke news organization we've got on lamestream basic cable; git sum:

The Alliance scalar attack on China Lake was another major blow to the Draco Satanic Cabal:

China Lake was Aquino’s main programming base in the US; good riddance to it and all his works:

SS-Mengele-Green-Aquino; sick Satanic lineage of torture and mind control via Project Paperclip:

Way down the Medieval Rabbit Hole of MK Ultra skull-duggery and abomination; eyes on:

Here is the latest big dig from NeonRevolt; skip the nerdy GAB stuff and go right for the Q-baby:

Morag has some special info on 'the children' whose plight forces the global conversation:

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