Thursday, June 29, 2017

Disclosure Digest 6-29-17

What Goes Around,

Comes Around

 Let's get a posthumous hit of George Carlin eviscerating the lamestream status-quo:

Any expose of Mafia Medicos quoting Ivan Illich warms the cockles of my retired R.N. heart:

I remember growing up in New York that all the major hospitals were not-for-profit institutions:

The brave folks at Project Veritas are calling out the corrupt mass media spinmeisters:

That old Babylonian avarice has finally brought down the debt slavery system...Yipee Kai Yay:

Wow, another week flew's time for another Full-Fronal-Fulford Report:

Let's try this one for ending on a good note:

A History Of Our Universe

By Robert Stewart On 6-29-17

Guest writer,

It poured over us like a tidal wave. What started out as a meeting of like minds had suddenly become life-changing. A moment that changed perceptions of everything we believed, in what seemed like an instant.

At least it seemed that way, mainly because we were observing a stream of consciousness – a psychic download – that was posing many questions about the relationship between the nature of time and the history of our universe.

The information came from a channeling of the Sirian Elders, a 6th dimensional group consciousness from the Sirius binary star system; but before we share their message, my left brain wanted to search for validation. Of course it had to be that I would quickly find a few recent news items that serve as bread crumbs along a trail, right back to the Elder’s message. What is validation for me is context for you and we present it here, as a guide to what will follow:

Over the last year or two, there have been numerous, full or partial revelations that would challenge the actual age of what is supposed to be our 6,000 year civilization.

Gobeklitepe: Archeologists working at this site in Turkey have found the remains of an ancient city. “Excavations have uncovered an ancient pictograph on an obelisk which researchers say could be the earliest known pictograph ever discovered. Göbeklitepe is situated on the top of a hill about 15 kilometres away from Sanliurfa in South-eastern Turkey. The city can be dated back to 12,000 BC and consists of a series of circular and oval shaped structures that were first excavated by Professor Klaus Schmidt, supported by the German Archaeological Institute. 1

Wednesday, June 28, 2017

Disclosure Digest 6-28-17

 A Very Bad Prognosis

For The Medical Mafia

Every where I go on the Internet voices are clamoring for universal health care:

The newly discovered Ron Burgundy Effect, hard at work for the benefit of all Hue-manity:

A spiffy rant from PCR on how 'Presstitutes, Not Russia, Interfered in the US Presidential Election.'

Welcome back (into our awareness) the new neighbors...same as the really old ones:

When Matt Khan deep-channels it's like hearing the voice of the All-That-Is, on Bose headphones:

Matthew’s Message, June 28, 2017

Channelled By Suzy Ward

With loving greetings from all souls at this station, this is Matthew. When you hear of natural disasters, fires, vehicle crashes and terrorist attacks, sadness about the lives lost and compassion for those who love them are natural feelings.

Thinking of all the souls affected by such events and the millions caught up in humanitarian crises in the context of chosen karmic lessons so they can evolve is not a natural reaction, and at times you wonder if violence and suffering ever will end.

Yes, dear family, it will. Earth’s karmic merry-go-round is slowing down. When physical lifetime ends for individuals who cause pain and traumatic circumstances for others outside of soul contracts, they will go to the spirit world of a deep third-density civilization, then embody in that population and enter their karmic cycle.

People still will transition from Earth at the time they chose in soul contracts, but the society will know about the wondrous life in Nirvana and that love bonds reunite persons and animals who are dear to each other.

We welcome your questions about bodies’ cells and DNA—what your cells do profoundly affect your life, so this interest is indeed well placed. “If we ‘just radiate our light’ in doing good things, our DNA will be changed…is that true?” Yes, that is true, but in order to radiate light, persons first must absorb it, and that comes “in doing good things.”

As third density bodies absorb light, carbon-based cells that have two intertwined DNA strands gradually change to the crystalline structure wherein the strands can increase in number, and as that occurs, persons’ mental acuity, spiritual clarity and manifesting abilities also increase.

GaiaPortal: Felicitations Of Angelic Guides Are Heard

Channelled By ÉirePort On 6-28-17

Felicitations of Angelic Guides are heard.

Spanners of Nova Gaia constructors complete the process.

Speculators are dissolved.

Half-awakeds are absolved.

Gammas are resolved.

Tuesday, June 27, 2017

Disclosure Digest 6-27-17

Enough Already With 

The Sabre Rattling!

'All War All The Time, or War American-Style' is a spot-on investigative piece from Rebecca Gordon. Distributing information on the truth of USA Corp empire building is one of the
 primary ways we go about curing the societal cancer that War is:

And while we're on the Evil Empire meme, Nick Turse gives us a look at Cabal Special Ops:

Wonder Woman and Divine Feminine energies in Buddhism...Git Sum:

This is your brain in 7D:

If our Shadow Government tries this insanity it won't work, and it will be their undoing:

Great News! Blossom's Cloud of Unknowing is blowing out to sea:

This message from Master Babaji is a real Wish-Fulfilling Jewel:

Update From The Galactic Federation Of Light And The Spiritual Hierarchy On 6-27-17


Via Sheldan Nidle

11 Ben, 16 Kayab, 13 Caban
Selamat Balik! An amazing degree of progress is occurring despite the immense daily requirement of counting prospective distribution funds. As all of this continues, it is evident the current banking system with its limits is causing a slowdown, which is why it's clear that a new banking system is needed. It is unfortunate that even though we are on the brink of wider prosperity, we are stuck with the very clumsy and inadequate reality of an older and more limiting banking system. Nevertheless, the counting and accompanying realities of the new one are clearly coming to pass!

This process may have been slowed, but it is not to be stopped. Until all currencies are fully accounted for by the new monies, the process demands that none of these currencies be released. When this process is completed, a new and more adequate banking system is to arise. At that time, you can then interact with a reality that is fully capable of easily meeting your every need. Until then, remain patient and ready to use what you are then to be given. The best is truly yet to come! This process may seem tedious and slow but it is progressively being accomplished!

What all of this truly means is those who are in charge of the various delivery levels are still stymied by the immensity and complexities of their present tasks. In our opinion, the old realities just need to be dissolved and those with the capabilities to get these tasks done need be permitted to quickly do what is necessary. Our primary purpose for this positive nagging is really two-fold. Our first suggestion is to transfer all available personnel to the task at hand. Our second suggestion is to immediately incarcerate those assigned to be arrested and immediately bring in the NESARA Republic!

Monday, June 26, 2017

Disclosure Digest 6-26-17

Comes The Dawn...

Many thanks to Ron Head for for bringing through these Council messages. Well done:

 If you were wondering where all of these 'false flag, lone shooters' come from, read on:

 Who's your Baghdadi? US sowing global chaos by supporting terrorists and regime change:

 Oops, the Dump Obamacare crowd seems to have really stepped in it this time:

 The Medicare For Everyone Meme continues to gain widespread traction:

 This is Putin telling Bibi that the game is up and it's time to tip his King over:

Brother Sather on his 'Three Stages Of The Event' ...good stuff from the kid:

It’s Time To Find Your Soul Tribe

By Jelelle Awen

Urges toward unification and to be in community with other souls may be coming up for you lately as it seems to be increasing in so many of us it seems. Reunions with soul family members in which you feel like you’ve known each other for a very long time or through many lifetimes is happening much more frequently and rapidly, leading to fast unions and life changing geography shifts. Networks are forming based on frequencies of serving love that most match and fit each soul, as synchronistic events and connections bring those together who are meant to find each other.

These gloriously high energies of PURE love and light available to us now offer us a reminder of our galactic origins of collective, shared mind, and communal living experiences. We have spent much more of our soul’s existence within a unified consciousness then in the separated one that we experience in 3D reality, which we chose on the soul level to experience. We chose to experience the forgetting of telepathic and non-dualistic forms of communication, even as it is most natural for our souls. We chose to put a veil of amnesia over our remembering of Star BEing family, where fluid access of information and experience is available to ALL as a collective one mind download.

After living and existing separately and in insolation in so many ways, we are being invited to feel what ‘conscious community’ with our soul tribe family might look like and BE. To allow our desires for this to come up and out. To feel the fears that may come in parts of us to imagine this possibility. Our 3D conditioning is to remain self sufficient, taking care of our own needs, and our immediate families needs to the exclusion of anyone else. 3D living has supported the illusion of separation, especially with the 3D economic system of separate incomes, with many souls needing to work very hard in order to provide their own livelihood.

Sunday, June 25, 2017

Disclosure Digest 6-25-17


Turtle Island Is Awakening

More good news from the Res...git sum:

Thanks to Suzanne for this 'double-share':

What, just five? Oy! I got thousands; it's been happening for years now:

OMG...Basic Sanity has been sighted arising out of fear and ignorance in Amerika:

And the sightings of re-emergent Sanity continue, this time in the heart of the Benelux nations: 

From our Proudly-Hallucinating-Since-1968 Desk:

Wherein Brother Sather replies to the query “Do you think something big is about to happen?” Duh:

Higher Self Message For June 23, 2017


Via Multiple-Mike Quinsey

Events on Earth are gathering pace as uncleared karma is working itself out, and as you are experiencing it would seem to be getting worse. Please bear in mind that only those who need to clear karmic debts are directly involved, and it includes those who are often viewed as innocent bystanders.

As unlikely as it seems to many of you, all souls involved are able to clear old karma, as they will want to start the new cycle with as little outstanding as possible. Always bear in mind that they have pre-agreements prior to incarnating, so nothing that happens is by chance or accidental.

However, some souls may be caught up in events that leave them with an experience that was unplanned, and that will in a manner of speaking be held as a credit for them. In other words it may result in a reward of some description. It is natural that you feel great sympathy with all souls caught up in karmic situations, as you can obviously feel the grief and sorrow experienced. If possible send them your love and healing energies to help their recovery. Very soon matters on Earth will greatly improve as the positive energies of change take hold, so your experiences will become more acceptable and less upsetting.

Never lose sight of the fact that you live in a freewill society and it is the reason that events are sometimes unpredictable. Nevertheless, where actions are being considered that can lead to turmoil and are not due to karmic reasons, Higher Beings will do their best to influence the outcome without over-riding your freewill. However, it has been very difficult to guide you and keep you on a path that lifts you up out of the lower vibrations. The last three cycles of Humanity have sadly ended in failure, although it would be true to say that your experiences have enabled many souls to lift up their vibrations, whilst others have slipped back.

Saturday, June 24, 2017

Embodying The Crystalline Tipping Point

By Sandra Walter On 6-24-17

Blessings Beloved Light Tribe ~
The Solstice week-long launch of the August Eclipse passage completed with the New Moon. As we render the cosmic rays of evolution and Gaia’s emerging expression into a new reality, we feel the larger operation of Source intent. Divine Will concludes lower storylines, and we allow our higher wisdom to reorder our perception.

The direction to Open the eclipse pathway for the purer frequencies of the Primary Christed timelines to be available, felt, and utilized by Gatekeepers and Gridworkers became self-evident last week. Fortunately this year continues to raise the bar on Ascension experiences; we learn to expect the unexpected. We fully accept our experience as unpredictable, in a good way.

The higher light expedites the bifurcation of realities; the widening gap is detectable. Even within the physical we notice the reflection of division. Heightened bliss and exhaustion, tranquil states of deep peace and dream-state busy-ness, expansion into the mystical formless realms and the consistent activations of embodiment.

Friday, June 23, 2017

Disclosure Digest 6-23-17

Recent Lightship Uncloaking

Photo taken 6-20-17 over Austria
A timely snippet from Tiara Kumara on, you guessed it, timelessness:

Trust Full-Frontal Ben to give us the skinny on the Qatari Carfuffle:

It's time for a good laugh as this Chinese signage gits 'er done:

For all you Lisa Renee fans out there...her latest blog posting for your perusal:

The ancient Indigenous system of Ruling Councils of Wisdom Holders is gaining increasing support: 

Finally, the medical mafia is starting to get perp-walked away from their prescription pads:

The WWCC of 9 through Magenta Pixie discuss the disappearing Veils between the worlds:

Disclosure Digest 6-22-17

 Some good news from the Franken-food Front, finally:

Why do most of the recent 'upgrades' feel like spiritual suppositories?

Speaking of rear-guard actions...Pedogate continues to quietly explode into our collective consciousness:

From our 'This Is Your Brain On Microwaves Department':

Some good investigative journalism here on mass incarceration prison labor in the United States:

PCR on another righteous rant, making the case for Congressional Euthanasia:

Here's Morag with a Cosmic Energy Update on Karmic sum?

The meme 'Food Is The First Medicine' is gaining traction on the Res:

I think I prefer Patricia in this Vlog format; see what you think:

Thursday, June 22, 2017

“Archangel Michael: It is Time to Awaken Fully Now – Part 1/2”

AAM, Channelled Through Linda Dillon In May 2013
Ascension 55235In the course of looking for something else (information on DNA), I came across this remarkable interview with Archangel Michael about Ascension from May 2013.  

Michael is as clear as one could possibly be and uses language that’s as simple as possible when discussing such non-ordinary matters as Ascension. A lot of credit goes to Linda Dillon too, whose knowledge he draws on.
Just one thing. This passage:

“Understand this, my beloved friends: transformation can take place in a moment. So all of you will be crystalline, one way or the other. But it has been mostly an evolutionary process. But that does not mean in the final moments that there will not be some last-minute renovation.”
Enlightenment is both gradual and sudden.  It’s 99.9999% gradual but then there are those seconds of “transformation [that] can take place in a moment.”

On other occasions he’s called this a “snap” or “ignition,” a moment of enlightenment or even Ascension itself. 

So just because it’s gradual today does not mean it necessarily will be gradual tomorrow. On some day there may be a snap.

When it happens, relax. It was intended. Everything is alright. 

You’re in the Mother’s arms. Let the love flow.

GaiaPortal: Clarifiers Come Forth And Refresh The Planet

Channelled By ÉirePort On 6-22-17

Clarifiers come forth and refresh the planet.

Storms of Light connect.

Devics multiply.

Gaia connections strengthen.

Wednesday, June 21, 2017

A Timely Message From The 'Team' On Quantum Consciousness

 A double-dip from 'the Team' via Peggy's wide-open Heart-Line. Git Sum!

Channelled By Peggy Black On 6-12-17

We are here to remind as well as encourage you to step into your unlimited possibilities. Who you are in your physical form certainly knows and understands limitations, however we are addressing your divine self now, the energetic aspect that animates the physical body and continues to trigger your personal awareness and activate your quantum consciousness.

The times in which you are living serve to shift your understanding. Galactic inputs, solar flares and the increased resonance of frequency and vibration of your planet earth are stimulating this leap in consciousness.

These increased frequencies are quickening and initiating expanded consciousness not only in humans but in all living creatures. There is a subtle yet significant shift in consciousness taking place throughout the animal kingdom. The shift in frequencies is affecting all and is driving the evolution of all sentient beings. Deep purifications are occurring which brings healing on all levels of consciousness.

A Message From The Arcturians On 6-4-17

Channelled By Marilyn Raffaele

It is our loving work to advise and assist everyone awakening into a new and truer state of consciousness. You are doing a fine job of it, in spite of the confusion often resulting from the discovery that many tried and true beliefs were nothing more than concepts accepted as reality. The first step of all change is awareness.

Gaia and all her people are experiencing the energies of a massive shift into higher and truer ways of understanding. The blinders are coming off and this can be traumatic for the unprepared because everyone has lived hundreds of lifetimes in the dense three dimensional belief system, embracing it as reality. Opening to and accepting that it was formed from illusory concepts of duality and separation can be very difficult to accept.

The early stages of awakening often bring about emotions of guilt and shame. This is because when certain past actions are remembered with new awareness, they are recognized as having been negative and selfish. When and if this happens, lovingly accept that that you were acting from your highest sense of right at that time which is all anyone is required to do, and call to mind that guilt and regret are emotions based in identification with a false sense of self.

At the same time, be aware that many of those past experiences now causing shame or regret were actually preplanned interactions, opportunities important for the spiritual growth of all involved. Be alert to emotions as they arise, not resisting them but seeing them as perfect signs pointing to lingering false beliefs–“What am I believing that is making me feel this way?”

Tuesday, June 20, 2017

Solstice Disclosure Digest

So, What's Not To Like 

About The First Couple?

In New York we call it Chutzpah, and The Donald's got it in spades:

I re-iterate: Russian scientists will blow the whistle on the Secret Space Programs:

Thanks to Linda Dillon ans Suzanne Maresca for this latest update from the Fleet spokesperson:

Colbert is certainly showing his unrepentant, true Jesuit colors with his blatant on-air propagandizing:

Oy! I've got shpilkes in my chakra-gezoint!

I was a Hippie and I'm proud to say that we got IT right; just 50 years too soon. All you need is Love:

If team Dark is foolish enough to try this scenario, their special effects better be really good:

Monsanto; the Fourth Reich's Corporate Love-Child, is finally out of the closet:

This reads like a 5D version of Louise Haye's classic book - You Can Heal Your Life:

And we end with the latest video channelling from the WWCC of 9 via Magenta Pixie:

Sunday, June 18, 2017

Disclosure Digest 6-18-17

Bi-Location, Anyone?

In which Brother Beckow explores the more buff aspects of the Divine Feminine:

Hang in there, KP, universal guaranteed income is coming to your state in the blink of an eye:

I wish Multiple-Mike would avoid giving hard dates to any Ascension-related happenings, just sayin':

A shout out to Suzanne Maresca for this fascinating report:

A nod and a wink to Nancy Van Dommelen and the Lightbringers for this take on Clairsentience:

Hack...wheeze...snivel...and cough your way through June in Colorado:

Apparently, Sue Lie is just back from vacation with the Arcturians in of all places, Sub-Space:

Again, it's the Indigenous leading the fight for Mother Earth's basic rights:

And lastly, from our favorite ex-pat Mapleleaf, the full Full-Frontal Fulford Report:

Friday, June 16, 2017

GaiaPortal: Missions Of The Past Are Released

Channelled By ÉirePort On 6-16-17

Missions of the past are released.

Praetoriats congeal and are removed.

Fossils are recognized.

Pleats of Light are straightened.

Archangel Metatron: The Future And The Ascension Of Earth

Thru Natalie Glasson of Sacred School of OmNa

On 6- 14-17

The future of the Earth is already present and available for all to see and experience. It is a dimension where many souls already exist. It is available now to all upon the Earth. Rather than moving your physical body or even moving into your light body to access the dimension that demonstrates the future of the Earth, it is simply a frequency of energy that the mind absorbs, reflects and then becomes.

Your mind creates the reality you experience through a collection of your thoughts, emotions, beliefs, past experiences, fears and your desires. The most prominent energies within your being whether they are positive or negative support the creation of your reality as your mind uses these to attract like energies into your reality for you to experience. Your thoughts, emotions, beliefs, past experiences, fears and desires create frequencies of light, energy, sound and information within you creating a dream-like state born of your own produce. You are then further influenced by the collective consciousness of humanity and the perceptions of generations gone by.

Basic information that you have been taught as facts create a tunnel through which you view your reality. Even information and ideas you perceive as normal and correct about how humans should live on the Earth and what the Earth should be like are all born from perspectives of others. In truth, they are akin to walls blocking your ability to see the Earth and yourself from your own inner truth, your own natural perspective and eyes. Your natural perspective is the perception of your soul, your soul’s gaze that allows you to see beyond limitations and illusions, recognizing what is really present rather than what humanity has believed is present for so many years.

A Bifurcation Of Realities: The Solstice Entry To The Eclipse Gateway

Blessings Beloved Light Tribe ~
The West coast Gateway for the eclipse passage was initiated on Thursday June 8, and fully opened on Friday June 9 with Full Moon Gridworker ceremony on the Oregon coast. Gratitude to those who participated in this opening, both in the physical and the etheric. The passage was opened right at the point where the eclipse path touches land and begins to cross the USA.

Perhaps you noticed the shifting of energies as this Gate amplified over the last week. The eclipse pathway and its metaphoric reflection of the higher unfoldments was immediately apparent. I saw the pathway blasting open, and connecting to the eclipse exit point in South Carolina. East coast Gatekeepers, gather and do the same Now. You’ll need more than three HUmans (we had 13) to open it properly, as the eclipse represents unification across all levels of consciousness.

Eclipse Pathway – Lightworkers open this Now

Our direction to open this eclipse pathway NOW allows the purer frequencies of the Primary Christed timelines to be available, felt, and utilized by Gatekeepers and Gridworkers.
We will continue to prepare the New Earth Grid for this strong cosmic trigger passage. Gatekeepers, Gridworkers and Lightworkers; We are co-creating with this Divine passage and preparing for the maximum effect right now through the Lion’s Gate (8/8) when this Gateway opens.

Monday, June 12, 2017

WWCC of 9: The Unification Of The 144,000 Warriors Of Light

Channelled By Magenta Pixie On 6-10-17

(This video is available on

Your 3D Segments May Be Exploring

Channeled by Brenda Hoffman On 6-12-17

Summary of Brenda's June 8, 2017, channeled 15-minute Creation Energies show at 

 Dear Ones,
Perhaps you're concerned you'll never be of 5D or beyond for you continue to address 3D issues. You just need a bit of practice before you feel fully comfortable in 5D or beyond. Just as was true for learning to play an instrument or drive a car. Some of you even feel as if you're ill, and will never recover. The next few days allow you to understand that you're now a bird flying high in the sky instead of a fish in a small pond.

Many of you expected to become a Superwoman or Superman overnight. While such might be true internally, externally, most of you require a bit of practice.

Your internal being does sometimes fold into your external being, but not yet to the extent you dream of. Even though eventually you will dimension hop and frequency/time travel with ease, you must practice a bit before such is so.

Do you remember the first time (for those of you introduced to computers as adults) you tried to operate a computer? Perhaps you felt you needed a space bar “ like those on typewriters “ or could not remember how to save items. Actions you now do automatically. So it is for your physical shift.

Throughout these transition years, you shifted spiritually, then emotionally, and finally, physically. From inner to outer if you will.