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A History Of Our Universe

By Robert Stewart On 6-29-17

Guest writer,

It poured over us like a tidal wave. What started out as a meeting of like minds had suddenly become life-changing. A moment that changed perceptions of everything we believed, in what seemed like an instant.

At least it seemed that way, mainly because we were observing a stream of consciousness – a psychic download – that was posing many questions about the relationship between the nature of time and the history of our universe.

The information came from a channeling of the Sirian Elders, a 6th dimensional group consciousness from the Sirius binary star system; but before we share their message, my left brain wanted to search for validation. Of course it had to be that I would quickly find a few recent news items that serve as bread crumbs along a trail, right back to the Elder’s message. What is validation for me is context for you and we present it here, as a guide to what will follow:

Over the last year or two, there have been numerous, full or partial revelations that would challenge the actual age of what is supposed to be our 6,000 year civilization.

Gobeklitepe: Archeologists working at this site in Turkey have found the remains of an ancient city. “Excavations have uncovered an ancient pictograph on an obelisk which researchers say could be the earliest known pictograph ever discovered. G√∂beklitepe is situated on the top of a hill about 15 kilometres away from Sanliurfa in South-eastern Turkey. The city can be dated back to 12,000 BC and consists of a series of circular and oval shaped structures that were first excavated by Professor Klaus Schmidt, supported by the German Archaeological Institute. 1

Bosnian Pyramids: Since originally discovered in 2005, over 400,000 people have visited the sites, three large hills that some claim hide the largest pyramid on Earth… (with) reports by the BBC, Associated Press… and ABC’s Nightline (which reported that thermal imaging had “apparently” revealed the presence of man-made, concrete blocks beneath the valley). 2

“The most important news is the determination of the precise age of the Bosnian Pyramid of the Sun. After radiocarbon dating (a sample) which was found beneath concrete blocks of the pyramid, it is confirmed (that) the age (of the sample is) 29,000 years, plus or minus four hundred years. It is confirmed that this is the oldest pyramid in the world.” 3

Antarctic Disclosure: are there remnants of an ancient civilization, miles below the ice? If you believe reports in London’s Daily Mail or the whistleblowers who have been interviewed by writer David Wilcock, scientists have been aware of something beneath the Antarctic ice for many years “We appear to have four layers of awesome stuff in Antarctica that we will soon be hearing about in an official disclosure. These layers are spread out in a total of about three and a half miles of vertical space, from bottom to top. The first, oldest, bottom layer is from the Ancient Builder Race. It could be 1.8 billion years old, if not more. It is a vast, underground facility inside the continental landmass of what is now Antarctica, beneath the ice.”4

Nemisis – the theory of our second sun. “Nemesis is a theoretical second sun in our solar system, a dwarf star named after the Greek goddess of vengeance.”5 According to the theory, “every twenty-six million years the orbit of Nemesis brings it through the Oort cloud, a mass of comets and debris out on the far reaches of space.”6 The dwarf star causes havoc, sending everything in its path hurtling toward the inner planets in a rain of destruction that can last decades.

The theory of a second sun in our solar system is not as bizarre as it might sound. Binary star systems (two stars orbiting the same center of mass) are quite common. In fact, Alpha Centauri, our solar system’s nearest neighbor, is a binary system. Astronomers estimate that around half of all stars in our galaxy have at least one companion. Therefore, the existence of Nemesis would not be surprising at all, at least statistically.” 7

Did other ancient civilizations exist on Earth before us? Could we be living in a binary star system? Is the focus of our thinking too narrow? It is with these possibilities in mind that we now shift to the words of the Sirian Elders. Use your discernment and try to sense if the information in the words resonate for you or jar your cosmic memory from this or other lifetimes.

“We are the Sirian Elders. We are a group consciousness that calls to you through the frequency of the Great Pyramid. As the life force of the Pharaoh’s left the planet and returned to their celestial homes through the alignment of the pyramid and the constellations; so too does the information we wish to impart to humanity return in a similar fashion. Many are tuned into this frequency, as it is one of pure love. The knowledge that we assist in releasing is within you, encoded in your DNA. It is not only the history of your planet, but a galactic and universal knowledge beyond what has been ever been revealed before this moment in time.

There is a solar and galactic history going back billions of years in the history of our universe. We say our universe because it is not the first. There are many prior, future and parallel manifestations of The Creator’s imagination. So, we will speak of our universe, whose essence was birthed beyond the Great Central Sun. Dimensions of love and light and dimensions of duality; all playing out alongside each other so that The Creator and all its aspects may experience. The Maya call this Ahau, the “I Am that I Am” presence.

As our universe unfolded over infinite time, through Lyra, Sirius and eventually to the far reaches of our galaxy, the physical configuration of what you call your solar system was different. This was a binary star system. Two suns, warming the planets and all their inhabitants. The smaller planets, now known to you as Mercury and Venus, were inhospitable to physical life.

This does not mean they had no life as the essence of life comes in many forms and on many levels. The larger of the two stars lay beyond your sun as you now view it and emitted enough energy to allow seven other planets in the system to all maintain physical life. Realize, as you relate to linear time, this occurred billions of years ago…infinity in reverse. Many races inhabited and visited this system such as Humanoid, Feline and Reptilian. These were intelligent life forms of multiple varieties.

Sirian Humanoid Feline Reptilian

Sirian Humanoid Feline Reptilian
(Author’s note: Artists renderings and Sumerian/Egyptian glyphs.)

Then, as now, duality existed. Some of these advanced races wished to conquer and rule while others lived for service to others. Yet, what occurred to end that program had nothing to do with duality, but rather through divine plan. As the larger sun began to die, the various races realized that life would no longer be viable on their home planets. The more advanced races, wishing to save their civilization, traveled to other parts of the galaxy. They had correctly had intuited that their journey out was really a journey back to their place of birth.

The feline race, living on what is now Jupiter, traveled to Lyra. A humanoid race, our blessed ancestors, residing on what is now Saturn, ventured to the Sirius star system, The reptilian race on the planet called Nibiru experienced a more amazing fate. As the larger sun died, the energies of the smaller sun created a different gravitational field, which began to change the configuration of your solar system.

The outer planets froze over and lost their ability to sustain physical life. All that remained of their civilizations was buried under immense layers of ice. Your scientists are aware that a mass extinction occurred over 250 million of your years ago, but not known until this moment is that Earth was in a different orbit within the binary star system and the death of the larger sun created that ice age.

The position of Nibiru as this occurred was such that it began to shift into an eliptical orbit and flew into deep space. This new orbit would greatly expand the distance and time it took for Nibiru to complete one orbit around its remaining sun. You may have heard of this legend through Zecharia Sitchin’s translation of the 6,000 year old Sumerian tablets; of seeding Nibiru’s atmosphere with gold particles, which reflected escaping heat back to the planet, thereby keeping their race alive. His is an accurate account, but the Sumerians only knew a fraction their vast galactic past.

Remember that time does not exist as you know it in the higher spheres of consciousness. Dimensions, universes, galaxies and timelines may overlap and interact with each other. Countless other expressions of The Creator’s imagination exist in the infinite logos, this story being just a minuscule part of the divine plan. Yet, it is important for it is a part of your cellular memory. It was this shift in the physical configuration of the galaxy that The Creator used to create another universal story: a universe that would allow free will as the primary construct.

The new Lyrans built their civilization and then slowly began to expand out into the galaxy. Some went toward Sirius where they founded their own new world. By the time they arrived many millennia had passed and our group consciousness had already ascended into non-physical form. Some went toward Orion and another group colonized planets in the Pleiades star system. The Pleiadians would form their own unique civilization based on community, love and honor. As their technology progressed, they too would venture out to the far reaches of the galaxy. Reaching out to where, unbeknownst to them, their ancient heritage had begun.

While the Lyrans were creating new worlds and new civilizations, the Nibiruans were creating their own destiny. Sumerian history speaks of the cataclysms that unfolded to create your solar system as you now know it. Nibiru, being in an unstable elliptical orbit around the remaining sun, collided with a planet they called Tiamat, (author’s note: Sitchin states that Tiamat was the planet between what is now Mars and Jupiter.) The impact caused Tiamat to break in two with half shattering, becoming your asteroid belt and the other half being pushed into a new orbit along with Tiamat’s moon between Venus and Mars. In your frame of reference, this celestial event occurred over 200 million years ago. It was this new dynamic that created the current parameters of precession for Tiamat…Earth, and the other planets of your system in the orbits they hold to this day.

Eventually various races would discover Earth and begin to settle there. The reptilian race of Nibiru, known as the Annunaki to the Sumerians, would return, colonize the planet and begin mining for gold, which was in short supply on their home world. Hundreds of thousands of years would pass with the Annunaki being the only inhabitants of Earth except for the primitive beings that were slowly evolving over time. Eventually, other explorers came to Earth and founded their own civilizations, beginning around 200,000 Earth years ago. When more colonists arrived 75,000 years later, they realized they were not alone and decided to settle in an uninhabited portion of the planet.

Your Hopi legends are also tied directly to this drama. The ancient stories of prior worlds that have been orally passed down through countless generations are not myth. Your lineage is of the stars.
We bring forth these ancient stories because it will be easier for you to understand your process of ascension as humanity raises its frequency, as it has done many times before in prior spirals of time. Understand that while knowledge does not always become wisdom, you cannot achieve wisdom without knowledge.

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