Tuesday, June 27, 2017

Disclosure Digest 6-27-17

Enough Already With 

The Sabre Rattling!

'All War All The Time, or War American-Style' is a spot-on investigative piece from Rebecca Gordon. Distributing information on the truth of USA Corp empire building is one of the
 primary ways we go about curing the societal cancer that War is:

And while we're on the Evil Empire meme, Nick Turse gives us a look at Cabal Special Ops:

Wonder Woman and Divine Feminine energies in Buddhism...Git Sum:

This is your brain in 7D:

If our Shadow Government tries this insanity it won't work, and it will be their undoing:

Great News! Blossom's Cloud of Unknowing is blowing out to sea:

This message from Master Babaji is a real Wish-Fulfilling Jewel:

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