Sunday, June 18, 2017

Disclosure Digest 6-18-17

Bi-Location, Anyone?

In which Brother Beckow explores the more buff aspects of the Divine Feminine:

Hang in there, KP, universal guaranteed income is coming to your state in the blink of an eye:

I wish Multiple-Mike would avoid giving hard dates to any Ascension-related happenings, just sayin':

A shout out to Suzanne Maresca for this fascinating report:

A nod and a wink to Nancy Van Dommelen and the Lightbringers for this take on Clairsentience:

Hack...wheeze...snivel...and cough your way through June in Colorado:

Apparently, Sue Lie is just back from vacation with the Arcturians in of all places, Sub-Space:

Again, it's the Indigenous leading the fight for Mother Earth's basic rights:

And lastly, from our favorite ex-pat Mapleleaf, the full Full-Frontal Fulford Report:

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