Tuesday, June 20, 2017

Solstice Disclosure Digest

So, What's Not To Like 

About The First Couple?

In New York we call it Chutzpah, and The Donald's got it in spades:

I re-iterate: Russian scientists will blow the whistle on the Secret Space Programs:

Thanks to Linda Dillon ans Suzanne Maresca for this latest update from the Fleet spokesperson:

Colbert is certainly showing his unrepentant, true Jesuit colors with his blatant on-air propagandizing:

Oy! I've got shpilkes in my chakra-gezoint!

I was a Hippie and I'm proud to say that we got IT right; just 50 years too soon. All you need is Love:

If team Dark is foolish enough to try this scenario, their special effects better be really good:

Monsanto; the Fourth Reich's Corporate Love-Child, is finally out of the closet:

This reads like a 5D version of Louise Haye's classic book - You Can Heal Your Life:

And we end with the latest video channelling from the WWCC of 9 via Magenta Pixie:

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