Wednesday, June 21, 2017

A Timely Message From The 'Team' On Quantum Consciousness

 A double-dip from 'the Team' via Peggy's wide-open Heart-Line. Git Sum!

Channelled By Peggy Black On 6-12-17

We are here to remind as well as encourage you to step into your unlimited possibilities. Who you are in your physical form certainly knows and understands limitations, however we are addressing your divine self now, the energetic aspect that animates the physical body and continues to trigger your personal awareness and activate your quantum consciousness.

The times in which you are living serve to shift your understanding. Galactic inputs, solar flares and the increased resonance of frequency and vibration of your planet earth are stimulating this leap in consciousness.

These increased frequencies are quickening and initiating expanded consciousness not only in humans but in all living creatures. There is a subtle yet significant shift in consciousness taking place throughout the animal kingdom. The shift in frequencies is affecting all and is driving the evolution of all sentient beings. Deep purifications are occurring which brings healing on all levels of consciousness.

This restructuring and activating of consciousness is sweeping your entire planet. It is part of the ascension process, moving humanity from the dense, limited 3D that everyone is so familiar with to the higher realms of unlimited possibilities of love and light. The other dimensions vibrate at a higher rate which is unattainable from a limited 3D mindset and the low-level vibrations of misqualified energies. As the fragmented aspect of humanity begins to dissipate there is a sense of wholeness and oneness in which more light particles are available. 

Now is the time to engage in all the processes and skills that will allow your personal vibrations to increase in frequency. You truly have the support of the cosmic intentions.

Be mindful of your breath, breathe with consciousness, follow your breath as it moves into your lungs and throughout your body. Be keenly aware of the rhyme of your breathing, for it is breath that sets the tone of all your body's functions. We observe that for most humans breathing is short and shallow. This is the breath of someone who is on alert, ready to fight or flee.  

Envision your breath coming from above into the crown of your head follow this breath down through the center of your body and exhale down deep below your feet. Repeat breathing the opposite; breathe in from below your feet, up through the center of your body and out the top of your head.

Breathing is an alchemical process of life which can transform all. It is important as you consciously breathe that you infuse your breath with thoughts and feelings that are empowering and uplifting. Seed your breath with intentions. Seed your breath with healing colors.

Begin to be aware of taking long deep breaths as often as possible, for it is that type of breathing that informs the physiology and chemical reactions of the body that all is well and more. This offers a relaxed, safe state of mind that allows for expanded consciousness. This is the goal.

Be aware of all the triggers being offered by the world around you that cause you alarm. Remember to breathe into those issues, remember to breathe as you watch your news reports, notice when you shift from feeling a state of peace into a state of alarm or stress.

Remember that emotions are contagious and there are situations that are meant to cause you fear and alarm. When you are in a place of fear or feeling powerless, you are easily manipulated by those who have an agenda of limitation and control. These emotions drop you into the matrix of limitations. It is a cycle that keeps repeating and repeating.

Notice what your triggers are; is it issues with finances, or health, your safety or that of your loved ones? What thoughts and fears cause you to begin to breathe in a shallow manner? Pause and take a long deep breath, deep into your belly, hold it briefly and allow it to be exhaled slowly. With practice, this will become the first tool you use to reset your mind and the responses of your body.

Imagine that you could breathe in light. Imagine that you could fill your lungs with light particles that would then stimulate each and every cell and aspect of your physical body and empower as well as energize your subtle energy body. This is truly possible; it requires your attention and intention; over time you will begin to feel the difference.

Imagine that with each conscious breath you are acknowledging your divine self. You are inviting and awakening your quantum consciousness. As your physical body is being stimulated by your conscious breath, it has the ability to restore the divine integrity to every cell and system.

You begin to awaken codes within your DNA that allow you to tap into your cosmic awareness. You begin to feel different in some strange way; just notice and acknowledge the simple changes you might be experiencing. Remember, this is a process, it is a blossoming of your true essence.

Notice how you begin to perceive subtle energies, observe geometry forms or colors in your mind's eye, begin to experience telepathic exchanges with others. As this unfolds and it becomes stronger, purer and more precise, you will become aware that you are truly a part of a network of light beings both physical and non-physical. You are allowing and developing your quantum consciousness.

From this divine connection you will engage with others in transforming the limitations of your planet and anchoring a reality that is honoring and life sustaining for all. It is from this quantum consciousness awakening with humanity that 3D situations and issues can and will be resolved.

You are the chalice, the physical embodiment in which this reality will be anchored. Hold that vision and breathe into truth. You and all individuals play a significant part in this ascension.

We celebrate your willingness and your success. Be courageous as you step out of this paradigm of limitation into the unlimited realities and divine template that you know. You are being supported with unconditional love and light frequencies and vibrations from all corners of the galaxy. You are the divine stars of this magnificent production of consciousness. We bow before you for your willingness and your dedication. the 'team'

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