Friday, June 23, 2017

Disclosure Digest 6-23-17

Recent Lightship Uncloaking

Photo taken 6-20-17 over Austria
A timely snippet from Tiara Kumara on, you guessed it, timelessness:

Trust Full-Frontal Ben to give us the skinny on the Qatari Carfuffle:

It's time for a good laugh as this Chinese signage gits 'er done:

For all you Lisa Renee fans out there...her latest blog posting for your perusal:

The ancient Indigenous system of Ruling Councils of Wisdom Holders is gaining increasing support: 

Finally, the medical mafia is starting to get perp-walked away from their prescription pads:

The WWCC of 9 through Magenta Pixie discuss the disappearing Veils between the worlds:

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