Wednesday, March 31, 2021

Disclosure Digest 3-31-21


R.I.P. (Identifier Of Choice)


Let's begin with a mind-numbing Evergreen Comms Bundle, replete with spot-on Digital Warriors:

The casino is verging on collapse, The Alliance is about to drop the Dime on it; shocks for those still gaming in the Big Casino are imminent - you were Warned; This is the Clarion Call of the coming QFS:

A [DS] proxy not-for-profit pays-off Undead crisis actor’s mortgage; FF Alert y’all - think Newtown:

NBC’s sniveling socialist lap-dogs at SNL take unfunny propaganda to new lows;Vat 'N Schande:

The Farce Majeur Players (James Woods as Bumblin' Biden) can barely keep a straight face Anymore:

No Blair House for this Whore of Satan and no White House access for Potato Head either; Kekfest:

Accident? No, just a return to old m.o. of the [DS] funding Both Sides in an armed Conflict, Oy Gevalt:

The WW Recovery Community is Jones’n for those Covid restricted church basement Meetings: 

‘Double double toil and trouble/Fire burn and cauldron bubble‘ These 3 Witches be kickin' It:

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