Sunday, March 7, 2021

Le Comte Du Saint Germain: Your Purpose Is This Moment

I am your Saint Germain. Welcome now to that explosion of fireworks within you! That explosion of awakening that is happening now in these moments. Not in the future moments, right now–here, in this moment–an awakening that is happening within each and every one of you.

Yes, it is true, you all have awakened somewhat before.  But you are fully in a process of awakening each and every moment.  It does not end.  You continue to awaken more and more.

Something may occur in your lives to bring a further awakening, a further ‘A-Ha’ moment.  Something that comes from universal source, universal mind.  It comes into you and you say, “A-Ha, now I understand.  I did not understand that before, but that makes sense.  It feels right.”  And if it feels right to you, deep within you that resonates within you, then it is right.  Always know that.

Whenever you see information on your internet, on your television, your radio broadcasts, whatever it might be, whenever you see or hear this information, if it doesn’t feel right to you, then it is not right.

You have come, each and every one of you, have come to the point now where you can discern based on your feelings, based on your inner knowing, not trapped by the mind and the illusion from the mind, but from that deep small inner voice within the heart center, and now within the high heart center that speaks out to you and say, “Yes, this resonates, this feels Right, so therefore this is right, this is the information that I need to have right now.  This is my inner truth.”

But please understand that everyone’s inner truth is different.  What resonates to you as truth may not resonate to another individual as truth, as their truth.  But they have their life path, just as you have your own life path.  And yes, there are times when your life paths will intersect.  They will come together.  And there are times when your life paths will move off in different directions and take different roads, different paths.

But eventually, if not in this lifetime, in another lifetime, or in those times beyond this life in other dimensions, those paths will come together again.  You will be reunited again.  Just as you will all be reunited again with the families, your brothers and sisters from the heavens, from the skies, from the stars that you said good-bye to long ago you may not have seen in thousands of years, of Earth years.  But yet these thousands of Earth years can be but a moment in star time, in galactic time.  So when you come together again with your brothers and sisters from the stars, it will be as if you never left them.

Yes, you will feel great emotion when you’re back once again with them.  When you feel their touch once again.  But very quickly, you will come back into the knowing of fully who you are in that moment, and all of the past transgressions, all of the past times that you went through in this evolution here on this planet, those times of sorrow, those times of remorse, those times of guilt feelings, those times of being completely disconsolate and depressed.  All of those moments will be forgotten, forgotten in the very moment, and it will just be that—a memory on your soul record.  That is all.

For you will be ready now to move into the next phase of your existence.  The next phase of your mission, whether it is here on this planet, or whether it takes you into other worlds beyond here, whether in the physical realm, or whether in the multi-dimensional realms, as you will then be able to travel multi-dimensionally and experience worlds, beyond worlds, beyond worlds.

You do not at this point even know of its existence.  But you are beginning to get a glimpse.  You are beginning to get just a smattering of the potential that is there for each and every one of you as you as you reach out to your higher consciousness within you, to your higher God Self within you, to that I Am Presence that is seemingly just beyond your reach, but yet is right there for you to grasp onto.  You can have that I Am Consciousness within you and know it is there within you at any moment that brings the Joy to You in that moment.

For know when you feel that Joy in the moment, you have now accessed that Higher Consciousness of your I AM Presence.  That’s what brings thatJoy to you, that Blissful, joyful feeling within you where it seemingly comes out of nowhere at times.

Imagine, imagine for just a moment, having that Joyful Feeling, that I Am Presence within you at all times.  And then, you will understand, begin to grasp, what the First Wave of Ascension that you are in right now, what that fully means. You are in that First Wave of Ascension right now in this moment.  Have you fully Ascended?  No.  Can you fully Ascend now? Yes. Each and every one of you could do that right now.

But there is that portion within you, that calling within you that says “wait, hold off, because you came here, you volunteered to come here to be a part of this expression and you are not about to leave this expression before it’s time, before your time, before your fullest expression of the mission that you came here for.  Even if you do not yet know what that mission is.  Even if you do not yet know what your purpose is.   

Your purpose is right here, right now, in the moment.  It is not a purpose that is off in the future somewhere.  It is the purpose that you came here for Right Now. In the next moment, it might change.  And in the next moment after that it might change. It evolves. Your purpose is always evolving. It is not only one purpose, it is many purposes that you evolve into, each and every moment as you move forward. Each and every moment that you create your continuing purpose, your continuing mission here on this planet.

But be Ready now, Be Ready. Because you are coming near the finish line, as Sananda is so fond of saying.  You are coming near the end of this part of your Mission and moving closer and closer to those grand announcements that have been spoken of, that have been held back somewhat.  But they are in process Right Now of coming forward and being revealed.  

Exactly the moment cannot be given. Exactly what will be said, cannot be said at this point.  But it is imminent.  Even to your understanding of what Imminent means.  So be ready.  Be ready, and be in Joy in the moment Now.  And connect, and continue to connect with the higher God Self I Am Presence in each and every One of You.  For it is here NOW in this moment.

All of my peace and love be with all of you, and may the Violet Flame continue to purge out all the old memories within your programming, within your chakra systems that are no longer needed to be there within the expression of who you are now.

Le Comte 


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