Friday, March 5, 2021

Merlin: Manifestation Of A New World


Channelled By Galaxygirl On 3-1-21

Hello, students. My, what eager pupils we have today! What bright faces! Many of you have been enjoying your night classes with me. We are and have been learning manifestation and shattering old dogmas that no longer serve your current realities and purposes. You are not your old story, or defined by it, unless of course you want to be and enjoy misery. No. You are your own ever-evolving-always-eternal story of one who is realizing their own part of the great cosmic play.

Manifestation of a new world is what we have been working on. In order to manifest the new, the old must be removed. We can no longer hold onto the old energy strings that try to entwine and attach. We are recreating the new. Magic is in the eye of the beholder, quite literally! Intention, purpose, thought. Then the thought creates a form and a form creates a reality. Many thought forms are running amuck on your planet and they are being dissolved into the little puffs of smoke that they are. (I am seeing that holograms and thought forms are similar energetically.)

The intensity of human creation is astonishing. It is so easy to create within the human template. This is what you were created to do, to be. To be creator-gods. Many other beings cannot do this with such little effort. And so some beings took advantage to use your own creativity against you. This is being remedied. But you – you – pupils. Now pay attention. This is why you are awake now. You are breaking this self sabotage. And I expect as my students that you will no longer self sabotage your own creative abilities.

Higher dimensional flow is where you will naturally be if you are vibrating in this now, in this height of expanded glory. You are glorious, a glorious soul on a vast adventure. The sin and death and all of that rot is pure indoctrination. Throw it off. Throw it away. Those old strings need not attach and tangle you up. It tangles with creative ability when you think you are a limited what – 80 years or so? Rubbish. You are an eternal being. I don’t even want to calculate how many years I would be. Good heavens.

Good heavens! Oh, I love that phrase. The heavens are good and this knowledge is returning. Of course I was there in the beginning when Gaia was seeded by many lovely and pleasant home worlds. You have so many soul family remembrances to remember. (I am seeing beautiful Pleiadians and Lyrans seed Gaia with meticulous care and love.) You will remember. You will meet them. Of course, many of you probably had an aspect of yourself doing the plantings! And yet humans have been cleverly indoctrinated to be afraid of alien invasions. When in truth the aliens that infiltrated your world long ago are the ones who fear the “alien invasion”.

It is such a backwards plot twist, is it not? So don’t be afraid. Really, pupils. You have outgrown such sensibilities. Be fearless, be strong. Create the reality that you want and you shall have it. But how else is there any other way? You are divine, yes, you are in process of discovering this more and more like our friend the Milky Way just talked about. (My, Galaxygirl you have been quite busy this morning, perhaps a nap?) Where was I? Create fearlessly. Create lovingly. Create a grid of love around your world and heal it.

I am Merlin. One of my aspects is embodied in this time. I assist from above and in my night school classrooms. (He is smoking a long wizard’s pipe. He is blowing pictures in purple glittery smoke. I am seeing a picture form of Nova Gaia being held up by two hands.) Intentions of firm foundations create firm support.

I am Merlin. I hope you enjoyed my class and return promptly on time for another lesson. But remember every day holds many lessons. True mastery lies in that realization. Oh, yes, taking notes can be tedious which is why you came to experience it all first hand. And there you are.

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