Friday, March 12, 2021

Diclosure Digest 3-12-21


Welcome To My Pisces New Moon

Biden Backlash Bundle; it's Truth or Dare Sleepy Joe! Whatchya gonna do now? Kekfest:

The Governor's Bundle; is the public still capable of critical evaluation of the Idiocratic Gerontocracy?'

Everywhere Toxins' were a [TD] idea and we have suffered with them since forever; Basta Finito!

Don't miss today's Beesting Bundle. it's chock full of mirthful insights into the current Follies:

Today's Three Witches Bundle inclides tomes by Dianne Canfield, Brenda Hoffmann and Denise LeFay:

Wherein Creator gets Emotional...better grab on to something seemingly Solid for this ride; git Sum:

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