Tuesday, March 2, 2021

A Message From The Milky Way Galaxy: Energies In Flux

Greetings, beloved humans living upon Gaia within this auspicious Now of transformation. You are well loved. I am the Consciousness of who you call the Milky Way. But know that my name is changing for my energy dynamics are in flux. You are aware of the Photon Belt, the highly positively charged area of space that your small planet is passing through. Much as planets spin around the stars and the stars spin around their locational frequency patterns so to do galaxies spin and move throughout the space cosmos. 

Space is moving. Space is always expanding because Creator is always expanding, much like an in-breath that continually expands. You are in this moment of expansion before the Great Balancing of the Out-Breath that also continually allows for expansion, is experienced. Indeed all of Creation is watching, waiting, hanging on these moments of expansion, eagerly watching to see what will unfold next within this vast beautiful and terrible story that has been experienced within your sphere. 

A great re-balancing is occurring in all realms, not just your beautiful Gaia, Gaia, who feels my support for she is as a cell within my body and she is so well supported and loved. We are a family of consciousness of star networks and interplanetary relationships. Much war has been fought within me over the eons. I too am in the process of expansion. (I am being shown how in time this galaxy will collide and join within the Andromedan Galaxy, a merging and marriage of galaxies into one.) This has already begun. I feel the pull with my beloved and the cosmic dance is in full swing. Life in motion stays in motion. Energy within motion creates.

I am the Consciousness of your Galaxy. You are loved. The star network surrounds you now. Can you feel their presence? (I am shivering. I feel surrounded by twirling, dancing and laughing energy streams all around me.) Gaia is supported. Can you experience the love that the planetary network and star nations have for her? (I feel surrounded by warmth and prayers in a bubble of light.) For eons you have only felt the isolation of space and, for a time, thought that Earth was all that there was, that the Sun revolved around you, for that was your perception of time, of mathematics and cosmic workings. But you have expanded and your understanding will explode into yet more questions and understandings.

Humans derive from Creator, from Source, Who is in continual expansion. This is why you crave adventure, you crave stories, for this is how Creator expands, through stories of experience. Your own stories are greatly expanding. You are not who you once were, nor are you who you think you ought to be, for the stories that have surrounded you and defined you are also shattering. You are becoming a New Being of New Light, of the higher crystalline intermolecular patterning. 

You are becoming your own star network. I say this for the crystalline network within you is much like how stars communicate, through light energy and love for you. You will feel this change. Manifestation will become easy for you for that is the energy of alignment that you are resonating in-tune with, different from the older sludge of the lower vibrational reality Matrix that you were willingly entrapped within. I say willingly for those of you reading these words have most likely volunteered to be the System Busters and Lght Wielders for this project and you willingly jumped into human embodiment to experience a lower dimensional Framework of Illusion.

I am the consciousness of the Higher Dimensional Framework of the Galaxy that has surrounded your form. You are likely in other galaxies simultaneously experiencing other aspects of your great and wondrous multi-dimensional Self that is also in continual process of expansion. This human life that you are currently experiencing and embodying has providing you with a treasure trove of experience and lessons. You are learning every moment more of who you are and who you are not, of how the world really works and how it really does not. You are seeing frameworks of societal matrices collide and crash. You are experiencing a light upgrade from within which changes your perception of reality, for you are different now. 

How else could you not see 'that' in front of you as different?
Humanity at last is coming together in new ways and will continue to do so. The Great Divide is healing into Oneness. (I am seeing the Grand Canyon’s edges come together, like paper being folded, the gap between is gone. I am seeing it then stretch back again and New Earth is where the canyon was. All is great and blue and pristine.) Yes, the deserts on your world will be flooded with light energy creating more opportunity for greenery and growth, healing the land. Healing the hearts of mankind. Healing the rifts and divides that have been seeded by the dark ones. 

The dark ones are being removed. Energetically, Earth is no longer a match for them and this enrages them. They are being removed. There are many other lower dimensional planets where they can continue their lessons or, if Creator deems it, they will be recycled into pure Emptiness. There is plenty of empty space within me, between the planets that are the cells of my own galactic body. There is peace within the space between. (I am feeling tremendous spaciousness. I am seeing dragons chase the comets, planets shining and dancing around suns, suns spinning and dancing around their own binary and trinary systems. It is all perfectly orchestrated. And yet the space in between is lovely. It feels like the Void.) Humanity has learned the lessons that were desired and undesired to learn. Their homecoming is nigh.

I am the Consciousness of your Milky Way Galaxy. You have this same spaciousness within your own cells. Fill the space within with Peace, with Light. This is a form of meditation and will cause increased personal expansion. Gaia and all upon her are surrounded in infinite Love and Support. The war within me and my systems is being remedied into light. I will become a Galaxy of Peace. 

Be at Peace in these times of change and know that you are strong enough, for we are of the same substance, the same Life Force. I am just a bigger version of your own body for Divinity is within the human. This is being remembered. See the Divine in your fellow humans. You are Divine, within the Divine Plan with the Heartbeat of Creator. You are a Layer of Love within layers and layers of Love. Extend this knowing, this Peace and know that all will be most well.

      FEBRUARY 28,2021


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